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This is News?!?!?!?

The Channel 12 team in Boise has been been duped again. At least in my opinion, anyhow. Let me explain.

As I was enjoying Shayne Wells and her beautiful looks, she began her next story. (At least I think it was her that did the story. I get really lost during their nine o'clock newscast sometimes). She was talking about a website called The crew at Fox had discovered this website and found out that it functioned as an "outing" of sort of people around the country that had an STD. It was basically set up as people that felt burned (Burned? Get it...) by an ex-fling, one night stand, or lover that had failed to mention they had an STD. The story went on to report that many people were on the STD list, while only one person was listed on the STD free list. The reporter went as far to call the creator of the website, uncovering that he started the site because he had slept with a girl that failed to mention she had herpes. Therefore, revenge was his.

The story was short, probably a blip on most people's radars, and not even watched. The usual banter of whether it was legal, ethical, etc., etc., etc., was debated. The end.

Or not quite. Do to my curiosity (Std Free here, just to put that out there) I went to this website. It was exactly how Fox 12 described it. There were breakdowns of who had STD's, who was STD free, and a link to report people who had given you the business and their STD's. My curious mind continuing, I clicked on the STD carrier link. The first one was most likely the girl this guy slept with. Then I looked at the rest of the list. Here's a few names I stumbled across: Earvin Johnson (Magic, in some circles), Rudy Galindo, Naomi Judd, David Crosby, David Hasselhoff, and Michael Vick. That's right, popular athletes, c list musicians and actors, and various porn stars were the names that populated this website. Their diseases ranged from HIV to genital herpes to hepatitis C. All of these people have either made their disease public already or medical records easily found.

The point is, I believe Fox 12 should look a little deeper into the stories they are presenting on the air. Basically, if you are going to sleep with a celebrity, former playmate, or gay ice skater, please, please check this list. You will be saving yourself a lot of hassle. It could be an honest mistake, sure, but don't they have anyone at this station that knows anything about pop culture. I can see how you maybe glance over the name Earvin Johnson because it's not the name he's known by. David Hasselhoff, though, come on! He's a star everywhere. I would boycott Channel 12, but I'm still looking for that chance meeting with Shayne Wells, so I will watch. If only because we would have something to talk about. Who knows, maybe it was all a joke by Fox 12 as well, and they put one over on me. Either way, please take time to research your stories in the future.

By the way, the one person listed on the STD free link was Tony Bennett. That's right, the 82 year old crooner is STD free, so ladies, have a hey-day.



Danny Cerullo said…
That Tony Bennett is not std free...don't ask me how I know that.
Anonymous said…
I love Tony Bennet. I am indifferent towards herpes.

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