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Fans of no one...

Philadelphia. The City of Brotherly love. The city where liberty rings true. And the city where fans notoriously booed and pelted Santa Claus with snowballs. It's been forty years since that infamous incident occurred and it got me thinking about what fans in other sports cities do when Santa arrives at their games. Do they boo if their teams is suffering through a horrible season, like the Eagles were doing that year? Or do they open old Kris Kringle with open arms? Let's take a look.

Oakland Raiders: Raiders' fans would be glad they overpaid for an aging Santa and then show rabid disinterest upon realizing that Santa is old and fat.

Dallas Cowboys: The fans in Dallas will be happy Santa has arrived at first, but when he starts complaining about the Tooth Fairy not being his friend, the fans will boo loudly. They then will cheer again when Santa does his wild end zone dance and leads the team to another first round playoff exit.

Los Angeles Lakers: At first glance, Lakers' fans will mistake Santa for Lou Adler. A smattering of mild applause will occur when they realize that the man is indeed Santa. It is well documented that people in LA love their C-list celebrities and Santa is no different.

Oklahoma City Thunder: I'll just pose the classic, timeless question on this one: If no one is at the game to see him, does Santa really exist?

Los Angeles Dodgers: The fans at Dodgers Stadium don't generally arrive at the stadium until the third inning, so most of them won't even realize that Santa was even there.

Tampa Bay Rays: Fans wouldn't even show up until they had confirmation that Santa was real. When getting that proof, they would come out in droves and yell to the heavens that they had belief all along.

Boston Red Sox: Fans in Boston would be happy at first, but then complain about the curse of Santa until the Red Sox won another World Series.

Chicago Cubs: Santa will arrive to throw at the first pitch. Fans will watch him stumble on the way to the mound and then choke when the big moment arrives. Jim Belushi will cry yet offer Santa a guest spot on According to Jim. Santa will decline, stating he'd rather live with the label of being a choke artist than hang out with Jim Belushi.

That is just a small glimpse of what sports fans in other cities would do if Santa was nice enough to grace them with his presence. I would write more, but due to Reggie Theus' firing today from the Sacramento Kings today, I have to go do a re-write on my Hang Time: The Next Generation treatment. It's time Theus returned to acting.

Until we meet again...


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