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I'm going to take a little trip down memory lane. The year was 1999. Or possibly 2000. The exact year is not important, though, so I will not dwell on it. I had just seen a play at the Stagecoach Theatre in Boise, Id. Somewhere, in this play, appeared Ty Cobb. And it was greatly mentioned that he kept with him a "son of a bitch" list. Like many players in his time, Cobb could cuss up a storm. Except in his case, he probably meant this list to be true.

So, in my small time genius thinking, I decided that I too would have a "Son of a Bitch" list. Mine was harvested from personal feelings and occurrences in my life. It was developed shortly after this play and added on for a few years after it. Here, now, I release the original "Son of a Bitch" list. (In no particular order)

1. The New York Yankees
2. Regal Entertainment Group (Which ironically I would work for four years)
3. Mr. Wendy (The Wendy's Spokesman)
4. Paul McGee and Scott Huntsman (for reasons I forget, but it wasn't personal)
5. The guy that crashed into my car
6. Bill Buckner (For 1986)
7. NBA Live for the N64 Consoles (Thank Aaron and his Superman theme for that)
8. The people that brought us "Battlefield Earth" and "Freddy Got Fingered"
9. Loews Cineplex (for my friends and I losing the greatest jobs on earth)
10. LA Lakers
11. Walmart
12. The sailors who led the mutiny on the bounty
13. The State of Alaska (better known as the Ice Planet of Hoth)
14. Paris Hilton
15. Pedro Martinez for not wanting his world series ring
16. Christine (For stealing our chairs)
16a. Whoever sold us out and told Christine where we live)
17. Aaron Paul
18. Danny Cerullo for saying that it wasn't Buckner's fault
19. Grady Little

So, as it turns out, Aaron recently mentioned that I should update the list. It had been at least 6 years, after all. Tonight, I have decided to appease that request. Some things dropped off, like Bill Buckner. I think that two World Series wins abdicates at least from this list. Others have faded away with time, and will always be on the list in my heart.

Without further adieu, a list for 2010
[Keep in my mind, this list could go on forever, but I've narrowed it down]

1. The New York Yankees (This one is always number 1)
2. NBA Live for the N64 console
3. Jeff Zucker and the people that screwed over Conan.
4. The lady who totaled my car.
5. The Burger King guy. You know, the creepy king from the commercials.
6. The New York Jets and Rex Ryan.
7. The Creators of LOST for messing with my mind for six years.
8. Jay Cutler
9. The LA Lakers (mostly Kobe Bryant)
10. People who actually ENJOY Heidi and Spencer
11. Blake (Because of his addiction to success)
12. Any studio that ruins my childhood memories by re-making movies.
13. GEICO for those stupid stacks of money commercials.
14. The people who closed down the IRON GATE

There is just a glimpse into my mind. And the beginning of a new era.



Hasko said…
Aaron pointed out that I made an error in my updated list. I egregiously left off Aaron Paul from the new list. He belongs there, believe me.

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