A Quick Thought...

Was everyone really clamoring for "The Crow" remake?

If what I've just read is to be true, Bradley Cooper will soon be starring in it.

Really, Hollywood, Really?

Or maybe it's time to blame the general movie going audience that keeps flocking to all of these remakes and sequels. Certain movies deserve sequels. That much is true, but have the ideas in Hollywood truly dried up? Everyday I read about a remake or a re-imagining of a movie. There are original ideas out there, but I'm afraid Hollywood has become too much of a business to take risks on them. Even though the losses on these smaller, original movies would be considerably smaller than the big budget movies. Is it worth it to keep making these movies with a 140 million dollar budget that barely crack the 80 million mark? That's truly up to the audience and Hollywood to decide...

In the meantime, please support the indie artists that continue to attempt to put original ideas into the public's eye. If enough of these get made and do well, then maybe Hollywood will one day take a look at picking more of them up. With that said, before sure to read my previous blog for more information.



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