It's Thursday Already?

I have two thoughts for the day.  Yep.  These are the only two thoughts I'm going to have all day.  For the rest of the day I will be shutting off my mind by indulging in a Two and a Half Men marathon.  That show is not only hilarious, but the plot lines are riveting.

The first thought is regarding Emma Watson's recent speech on feminism and gender equality.  Well said, Ms. Watson.  Well said.  I'm not going to break down the entire speech here.  There is no need to analyze it sentence by sentence.  I will say that what she stated about feminism was done in a constructive way and didn't come across as any of the ways that feminism (to me) is starting to be viewed as.  (For the speech and more: Emma Watson on Feminism)

The speech was very educational to me and brought me back to a more rational viewpoint on what feminism is.  Lately, I have seen the word "feminism" attached to articles and viewpoints that do come across as too angry and too anti-man.  Now, to be clear, I'm not saying that because a woman is expressing her opinion means she's a bitch or bitchy or bossy.  Opinions and strong stances are welcome and appreciated.  It's the way these other articles, posts, and viewpoints are structured that are contributing to the problem.  Maybe I'm reading the wrong things on the internet, but some of these articles are coming across as needlessly angry and emotional. (I wrote briefly of that here: A Crumbling Internet (08/18/2014)

It is refreshing to watch Ms. Watson speak eloquently on the matter of feminism and gender equality.  I'm not saying that I don't already know women that are feminists and speak the same way. I do know these women. It's more that fact to me that the negative aspects of the feminist ideal have come to the forefront.  To me, the man bashing aspect of feminism can often be detrimental to the notion of gender equality.  Perhaps it is because of the way that men act or by rules and double standards that apply to men and women.  Though I try my best to be part of the solution, I don't believe that I'm part of the problem.  Maybe that's why the negativity irks so much.  That's why continue to search out the positive ideas of feminism, as to hopefully not lump women all in one category.

The trials and tribulations of women over time have been well documented and, while progress has been made, there is still work to be done.  Civility is the key.  There is no need to add unneeded vileness and fan the fire just because a man held a door open for you.  It does not mean he only wants one thing from you.  It probably means he was raised right and is doing the polite thing.

In a way, this brings me to my other thought.  Well, it's actually something new I learned last night.  In the span of five minutes, I saw the following terms: cis man and cisgender.  Three different posts on Facebook involved these terms.  I was clueless on their meaning and part of me believed people were just making up their own terms again.  (Like the word bae, but that's a different story.)

To Google I go.  With the help of Wikipedia, Urban Dictionary, and this very helpful article from the Atlantic (Will Cisgender Survive?), my knowledge was expanded.  Much of this article's discussion was new to me.  I'll let you read the entire article if you'd like to know more.  The article explains the terms and what it is much better than I can.  I just wanted to pass along this new thing I learned.  (Though I will not use the term myself.  I will still refer to myself as a man, a boy, or a male.  Clean and simple.)

Hope I didn't take up to much of your time.

"Men are from Earth, women are from earth.  Deal with it."- George Carlin