Ten Things You Didn't Know About...

Lists populate the internet these days.  Instead of well thought out, visually constructive articles, we as an internet audience are treated to an inane amount of lists that, in the end, are hardly informative.

It can range from a list describing plot holes in your favorite sci-fi movie all the way to things you didn't know about your favorite sitcom in the 90's.

Now, if one is a big fan of said movie, television show or band, chances are the fan already knows a majority of what is about to be "revealed".  On the flip side, someone that doesn't like said example will most likely not be clicking on these "articles".  There is no scientific proof to back this up.  Just an educated guess.

Someone must be reading these lists because they are growing.

Why not join the club?


1. This war wasn't so civil.

2. Abraham Lincoln was president of the United Stated during the Civil War.

3. Lincoln was a hunter of vampires.  There's a documentary to prove it.

4. Before he won our hearts in Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Matthew Broderick was a Colonel for the Northern Army in the Civil War. He fought valiantly alongside Denzel Washington and Morgan Freeman.

5. Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves. (*Warning: Language)

Lincoln Freed the Slaves Remix from The Van Dykes on Myspace.

6. Robert E. Lee surrendered to General Grant at the Appomattox Court House.  They discussed it over some tea and cigars.

7. After Lee left, Grant got blackout drunk on bathtub whiskey.  He forgot everything that occurred and tried to attack Lee the next day.  After clearing up the confusion, the two hugged it out like men.  Then they drank more whiskey.

8. Some people in the south refuse to believe the war is over, as they still fly the Confederate flag on a daily basis.  Either that or these states are huge fans of The Dukes of Hazzard.

9. The Civil War is often considered the bloodiest war in the history of the United States. Approximately 620,000 were killed in the Civil War. That's never mentioned in Gone With the Wind.

10. The American Civil War was fought in the United States.


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