The Climb

One step. Two steps. Three steps. More.

The barricades mount. The path is not straightforward and clear of debris. A sliver of light momentarily shows the glory and is immediately buried. Massive boulders, barbed wire, thick bush, and heaps of dirt build up in desperate efforts to weaken the soul. The shovel I brought gets smaller, seemingly disappearing in what is now my massive hand. Perhaps a pick axe and wire cutters are the true solution.

Going around the barricade would take too long. Or would it? Perhaps there is a way around I haven't sought yet. The long way and bull rushing full steam ahead can't be the only options. The light must be expanded to fight the ensuing darkness.

The peak gets further away. One barricade is passed only to be replaced with a steeper climb and more obstacles. The feet do not move, stuck in the quicksand of a constantly moving mountain. The struggle only makes it worse. Rapid movements and fighting lead to sinking of a different kind. I'm not buried under the sand but the lungs already grasp for air.

Is the peak even achievable? What would I do if I reached the peak? Does one immediately go back down the side of the mountain after achieving the goal? The thoughts build and build while the body becomes still. Time is in a stasis of hope as the quicksand settles around weary legs.

The mind is calm. The thought of laying down the tools creeps in. Just let the climb stop and leave the barricades, obstacles, and peaks to another naive soul. This climb has crushed many before and will crush many after. Let another make the fight and relieve yourself of this stress, worry, and pain.

The mind returns to the moment. Feet have moved unwittingly. The steps have moved me closer to the peak. There is no light. The hands do their job and move the smaller stones. The boulder will not budge. Yet. A little more exertion and, even if that boulder moves an inch, a small victory will be had.

The climb continues. One step. Two steps. Three steps. More. More. More. More.


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