Switching 'The Journey of Now' newsletter to email format

Where you one of the tens of people asking where The Journey of Now's newsletter went?

Don't worry. Relax. I have an answer for you.

Normally, once I've written a blog post or updated my web site, I post a link to various social media outlets. In the past, this was a good way to spread updates on my writing career, updates in the theater world, or simply newsletters on this blog.

I've found--as of late--many of these posts are getting missed due to various algorithm changes or simply the amount of stuff populating social media feeds.

So, in an experiment I will be officially launching next week, I've decided to try my hand at an email newsletter (to be sent out every four weeks or so).

I detailed this over at the Jason Haskins website last month but figured I'd give a shout out on my blog as well.

The email newsletter will serve as a way to not only provide updates on what's going on in my world, but to also share the collection of blog posts I've written between newsletters. I will include a little of what went into newsletters on the blog, such as what I'm reading, listening to, watching, etc. 

The main focus, though, will to be simply share my writing, what's new and what's upcoming regarding my books, plays, etc. and generally what I'm up to in the working world of movies, theater, and fiction. I will still be posting links on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, but figured these emails might be a nice way to connect with people who may not be on social media as much these days.

If you'd like to subscribe (if you haven't already), simply email me at jrhask14@gmail.com with the subject line SUBSCRIBE. Even if you try the newsletter once and then hit UNSUBSCRIBE at a later date, my feelings will not be hurt. (All part of the joy of doing one's own PR).

Appreciate you stopping by to read. In lieu of my time being spent creatively on a variety of other projects, this will serve as the regularly scheduled blog post for the week.

Be bold. Be kind.

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photo credit: Jason Haskins