Poetry? Say it ain't so...

Okay, this is a one time only event, but I wanted to post something today. I had no ideas (because last night was TOO long, at least on a level of beer drinking fun) and I really didn't want to do much thinking today. I'm all thought out... Does that make sense? Probably not, but it's my blog. Plus, the Red Sox are losing to the Yankees. I wrote this about a year ago, so forgive me if you please...


Rainy Day Mondays Don't Bring Me Down
It's Tuesdays thru Sundays that hurt.
Mondays bring the fresh start
then the down slide follows.
Maybe God should have created an eighth day.
You know, to relax
and drink some wine.
Not that there's not enough time already.
There's always time for that.
On the eighth day,
I could enjoy life.
Or it could just be another day.
To revel in,
and cherish
the plight of existence.
Or the fact it's been 30 minutes
and the bartender has forgotten
about the man writing in the corner.



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