Doldrums of Summer...

It is not often I take a moment to reflect in this forum, but hey, even I have my moments. As we head into the dog days of summer (and the Western Idaho Fair. Who's with me? Anyone? Ferris Wheel?), I'd like to take a brief second of your time to look back and see what I've learned.

The Boston Celtics won their 17th NBA Championship in June. It's really hard being a fan of Boston these days. Between the Red Sox, the Celtics, and the New England Cheaters, Boston has the market cornered on championships. (I like the first two, but Tom Brady, uh...)

Speaking of the Red Sox, good riddance Manny Ramirez. I appreciate your World Series MVP and your offensive prowess, but it was your "Manny being Manny" attitude that finally caused me to give up on you. I mean, come, the outfielders collided with each other and the ball bounced all the way into the stands. And you still got thrown out at first base by that drunk guy wearing a Dodgers hat in the third row.

The Dark Knight can do no wrong. That's all I have to say about that.

Heath Ledger, you met the hype. And won...

Reality Television has gotten out of control. The newest one is Pamela Anderson. Next year on Fox, we're actually going to have a reality show where a guy just sits in his room all day, all alone. People will be riveted. (I nominate Josh Belville as that guy.)

I have learned personally that I am not into meeting people on Craigslist. Myspace and Facebook are fine, but I kind of draw the line at Craigslist. I don't know why, but there is a difference to me... Let me explain, before those gasps overwhelm you. I put an ad on Craigslist with three of my friends. We are doing it for a tv show we are shooting, for it's for the good of common men. Check it out shortly.

In lieu of this being too long, I want to say this. I lost a very close friend of mine this summer. We had been friends for about fifteen years and had even spent time in LA together. We hadn't spoken in over a year, but this gentleman had impact on my life that cannot be summed up in a few words. Let's just say that he gave me the shove I needed to start acting at BSU. His passing has reminded me that life is too short and needs to be experienced at it's fullest, each and every day. Not that I needed to BE reminded, but sometimes a kick to the head like this helps. It also helped me to remember that friends should not go this long without talking or seeing each other. That, even as we get busy with marriages, houses, children, and jobs, we should all take time to gather with the people that helped shaped our lives.

So, here's to: The Boston Celtics, Jason Bay, Old friends, Current friends, New friends, the people we meet on the internet (you never know what can happen), and to the memories. I know I have enough to fill two life times. To the future...



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