Life's Lessons...

Okay, here's another monologue. I'm in a writing mood and I got some of the angriness out last time. I'll retire the monologues for awhile and put them on the scrap heap with the poetry. I'll get back to basics next time with an expose on the WB. Enjoy...

(NED, 37, reads from a book at a small coffee shop.)
Thank you. Thank you. I will end tonight with a reading from my first book, entitled "Treaties From the Dark Side." Just a little advice for all of us, especially you sweetie. How are you? Doing good? We'll talk later... Here we go. "It's a long, lonely road. The paths are all there, beat down by our ancestors before us, and they all lead to the same place. Death. No one single person can avoid the purity of passing on. The path is a crowded one, sure, but the walkers are all disconnected. All are enraptured with narrow minded possession of themselves. Yet all carry the same burden. Chances are taken. It's success or failure, nothing in between. Mistakes are made. Friendships will grow and fade away. Relationships will burn in eternity. People will be destroyed. Loves will be lost... There are the degenerates of the realm. The depressed ones who see no reason to continue down life's lonely road. There are the liars. There are the people who will do whatever it takes to find the end of life with as many followers as possible. There are the hard workers, the snobs, and the murderers. The meek, who will not inherit the earth, but simply watch it disintegrate. Life does not slow down and wait for us. Things will get broke, children will die, bonds will be tied and broken. Lives will be shattered, and yet, above all, we must fight through it all. Fight for what is right in our hearts, and now follow society's well-dug path. We must do so in hopes of restoring this world to a place we enjoy. One were we can live with the decisions that await us, and the loves that sit idly by, waiting. WE CAN NEVER GIVE UP. Eternal fires are being started each day. The choice is simply. Just as two paths diverged in the woods, you can choose to put out the fire or stoke it. Look for the ecstasy in life...
(NED closes the book and walks off stage.)



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