"Dear Diary,
That title is not about the hit 90's group that sang How Bizarre. I loved them, yes, but only when I was working on kick ass computer programs like XP... Wait, a darn sec, silly me. That's OMC. I get confused pretty easily.

Did people really talk to each other before the internet and text messaging?

Was that just a dream?

That tv commercial, as funny as it was meant to be, is probably predicting the future. People will talk to each other in abbreviations and their pronunciation will be horrible.

I'm not even putting this in a true blog form because I'm proving a point.

The art of speaking to someone face to face will one day be lost.

I'm actually thinking that instead of laughing, I'm just going to say "LOL"

Is the word "are" that long to spell out that it needs to be spelled "r". Sure, it was probably written like that in your third grade love notes, but at least that was handwritten. If you have bad hand writing, you want to abbreviate as much as possible. (U got me, I do it frm time 2 time 2!)

When I leave the room, I might as well say "BRB" all the time. Or is that so early 'aughts?

In the future, I'm actually gonna have a keyboard surgically implanted in my arm, that way people can type what they want to say and the message goes straight to my brain, that way I don't ever have to say a word. Every one will have one and I will improve on my millions.

I carry my laptop to stay connected. I should have stayed interested in sports. Sure, I wouldn't have my millions but a girlfriend would be nice. (Then I could text to her "Wat r u doing?" and she could send me a pixel of lips. It would be see cute.)

Is it my fault I invented what was once a kick ass program for computers?

Have a good night diary while I count my money. It's nice to sleep on a pile of cash.



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