Silent Night

First off, a disclaimer. I am trying to get the creative juices flowing and decided to write the following blog. Plus, I have to catch up with Danny. So, if you desire, ignore the innate drivel that's about to ensue.

5:42 pm- For some reason, my tv is on the ABC Family Channel. Instead of changing it to Sports Center, I watch What I Like About You. Brain rots slowly.

6:07 pm- After spending too long on myspace, I decide to go running at the track at East Junior High.

6:48 pm- Running complete. I am a big pile of sweat after running two miles. Feel good though.

7:15 pm- I'm cooking dinner, and decide that tonight I will go to Barnes and Noble to write. Cliche, yes, but I'm more productive when I'm not home. I need to do laundry, though, and figure I can get one load done by 8:30 pm.

8:07 pm- Danny texts me to say the Red Sox lost. Stupid Red Sox.

8:08 pm- Text five girls looking for comfort after the loss.

8:09 pm- Realize I actually didn't hit send on the texts. Oops. Instead of resending, I just say forget it about, maybe next time.

8:30 pm- Some guy won't get his laundry from the dryer and my whole night's plan is ruined. I turn on Scrubs, get online, and pretty much stew for the next half hour. Instead of writing, I spend way too much time looking at fantasy football rosters. Sure, I could have just written here at that moment, but I am angry.

9:02 pm- Okay, I'm going to start writing. I start boiling water for some tea and grab my notebook. Except wait, Return of the Jedi is on. I make my tea and watch tv instead.

9:19 pm- Think about the meaning of life. I figure it has something to do with golf.

9:33 pm- It's a commercial break, so I grab my laundry and catch the end of the movie.

9:59 pm- Return of the Jedi ends. I send myspace messages to ten girls, hoping for them to comfort me.

10:01 pm- I realize I sent messages to the girls that are always asking me "Do you want to get laid tonight?" Of course I do. These silly girls don't even need to ask. Come to find out, it's all spam. I grab my guitar and smash it against the wall.

10:05 pm- I'm finishing this post. And going to write. And cry myself to sleep. Again...Wait a minute, Home Improvement is on.

So, there is a trip down one night in Jason's life. Some was real, some was simply fabricated for the point of this story. The point is: Don't let a guy leaving clothes in the dryer ruin your night. Just put the clothes on the table and go about your own life.



Josh said…
That looks amazingly like my own writing process. Except instead of TV, I excessively masturbate.

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