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The times, they are a changin'

It has been well documented since the dawn of time that as a person slides into the next generation of life, the things they loved amongst the pop culture crowd are not the ones being loved today. For example, someone out there has to like those cavemen commercials. Why would they keep showing them if no one did? I know I don't. I don't need my football games interrupted with that damn caveman playing Billie Jean King every ten minutes. Their showed failed. Please retire them. Where are the talking frogs from Budweiser when you need them?

The point is, as I approach (ahem) [cough] 30, I can see myself slowly drifting away from what the kiddies like. I'm not completely there yet, but someday soon, I will see myself in the shoes of a grumpy old man. I do not understand the popularity of Lil Wayne or Flo rida with his boots with the fur. I still listen to Eminem, Dr. Dre, and Snoop Dogg in my car, enjoying the smooth beats from the 90s. Rap music was music back then and made some sort of sense. That brings me to my point exactly, though. I imagine people were saying the same things in the early 90s about the underground musings of Run DMC, and Grandmaster Flash. People change, people evolve, yadda, yadda, yadda...

Then there is Kid Rock. The man has been around since the 90s, easily part of my generation. Yet here he is, still rocking, but he's finally lost me. I bought Devil Without a Cause (I hope that's the title.) I listed to the song "Cowboy" numerous times, even as it filtered into the strip clubs I visited. With a man that has now made most likely around 15 albums, why must he cover songs made popular by Lynyrd Skynyrd and Warren Zevon? Obviously the man has talent but let's take a sample lyric. [Sic] "We were trying different things and we were smoking funny things." In the words of Aaron Kiefer, you can't rhyme things and things (Aaron Kiefer, traveling down Orchard, early Sept.). Yet this song is a hit on both pop and country air waves. You think lovers of country music would find this sacrilege but instead they embrace it.

I could go on. Like I don't understand The Hills. Sure, the girls are beautiful and that's a plus. The few minutes I've watched the show, the aesthetics kept me in. It was the stupidity, the shallowness, and the manufactured drama that drove me away. The show is not real, people. Real people, yes. Real drama, no. If I'm going to watch drama, it will be in real life, or something that is well written (like Rescue Me. It's great. Or Entourage.) Now I read that Lauren Conrad has a book deal in place. Not just an autobiography, but a book deal to actually pen fiction. Maybe she's great (doubt it) and will completely surprise me (hardly). She will sell millions to young teenage girls that want to grow up living in Laguna Beach or Hollywood, going to Hollywood parties, and attending fashion school. (Which might not be better than a theatre major. I haven't decided yet.)

I still haven't figured out the Family Guy vs. The Simpsons argument. I've even sat through entire episodes of the Family Guy. I've laughed once maybe twice. After nearly twenty years, I still laugh at least that much in a Simpsons' episode.

Now I will stop because this might never end. As I'm writing this now, I'm watching Scream, which is way better than most horror movies they have out now. This movie was clever (and still is to some extent) and could go toe to toe with the blood fest, no plot, no acting, no character movies the studios put out now. On that note, I will bid good night. Until next time, when I try to locate the "Where's the Beef" woman from the Arby's commercials.



Danny Cerullo said…
Plus those damn kids won't get off your lawn
Hasko said…
They keep trampling my award winning grass...

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