Creative Thoughts

I'm flying high. And it's never going to happen again because the end of existence draws nearer with each breathtakingly painless day. Where does it all go? Red bunnies jump forth into dark semi-circles of madness. Their jumping is worthless because those stupid little green leprechauns who travel around with gold coins rule the world. The rich get richer.

Time slips away, her breath moving farther away. Regret. There is no regret. Life is full. Regret nothing. There is no time for regret. Regret nothing. Fear everything. Save your mortal soul.

The bond is gone, carried to a shallow grave dug by one-armed midgets with no knowledge of how the world really works. Who really does, though? Certainly not me. She is gone, without a trace, buried into the night air. Not the one that took your innocence, but the one that was there to restore it. The road taken was the one more traveled upon. Experience does matter. So do brains. An intellectual conversation is a much better one to have than a conversation of nothing. Lifeless I now am. There is no mortal soul to save when the wrath of God bears down heavily upon my shoulders.

The pain is too great. Sorrow. Sweet, sweet sorrow. The weight of the gun is not there. There is no weight at all. Light as a feather. It ended just like that. The bullet tore deep and at that moment I never felt more alone. The blood gushed out in a sprinkle of red splatter. It pooled around her. Her cherry lips quivered not with fear but with love. Who would have guessed? Her death was her greatest happiness and my biggest relief. Two people meant to spend together forever. What have I done? What have I done?

It was the numbness and the warm water on my face that brought me awake. Once again, I had fallen asleep in the shower, my body turning to that prune-like feeling I hate so much. I look around the shower, and develop an odd deja vu. The shower reminds me exactly of the shower at my Grandpa's house. I move past it, the weight of the invisible gun still filling my stomach. I reach for the rum, take a long drink, and return to my dreams of killer bunnies and psychedelic leprechauns. That's the last time I watch the Muppets...



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