Back in the High Life Again...

Guess who's back? Back again. Jason's back. Back again.

After nearly a month long layoff, I am back with a quick update. I was going to open this by saying hello ladies and germs, but I decided the world isn't ready for 30s style comedy again. I will put that off until I feel everyone has earned it.

The reason I have not posted a new blog is because I was busy working on my new novel for novel writing month. The goal was to have a 50,000 word novel completed by November 30th. Let's just say I only reached 20,000 words, so I fell a LITTLE below the goal. I was rolling rather nicely until my birthday weekend, but the last week the motivation left me. I guess that's what a weekend full of whiskey, rum, and losing money will that do that to a person. I plan on posting the final chapter I had written within a day or two and take a break from it for a month. The link for the novel is on my profile. If you just click on my lovely picture on this site, then click on the Palm Trees and Paradise link, you can read all that I've posted. Don't worry, though, the novel will be completed, I just have some other projects I am attempting to finish this month.

A lot happened in the month of November, and I plan to get back to talking all about it. Like, did you know Spencer and Heidi got married in Mexico? You probably didn't, because no one cares and if you don't, I'd like your feedback on why you do. These two would never be famous unless it was for MTV. Both are very useless.

For all you cheeseheads, quit blaming Aaron Rodgers for all of the Packers troubles. His stats are very similar to Brett Favre's so cut the kid a break.

If any BCS voters happen upon this page, keep in mind that Boise State fans will travel. Even if they would have trouble in a BCS game THIS year, I'd still rather watch them play than Ohio St. If my math is correct, Boise State beat Oregon, who beat Oregon St., who beat USC, who beat Ohio St. Therefore, Boise State is better than USC and Ohio St. I believe it's called the Fibonacci sequence. Look into it.

That's all for now. Peace and Goodwill towards men.



josh belville said…
I read on Twitter that Ball State and Boise State want to have their own bowl game. There was a link to a article but it wouldn't load on my browser for some reason. I think it would be pretty cool though. They could call it the BSU Bowl!

And yeah, Aaron Rodgers is actually putting up great stats. He fucked me royally on fantasy football though, only because I thought he was going to suck so I benched him for Peyton. So in reality Peyton fucked me over. If I had kept Rodgers in I would've beaten the tar out of Evil Mao's Heads. Now I have to hope that Matt Jones catches three touchdowns or something ridiculous like that.

In other words, I hope that Peyton Manning dies in a couch fire.

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