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Three for One

Hey there, all. Have a tough day at the office? Just need to get away from all of the hustle and bustle for a few hours? Are you looking for a quiet place, where you can get a cheap alcoholic beverage quickly? Well, then, I certainly don't recommend going to The Bistro, China Blue, or Dirty Little Roddy's on Wednesday through Saturday anytime after 9. These bars are considered the triumvirate of downtown Boise, or as I like to call them, the Three Headed Monster.

Now, I will state that I have only been to Roddy's maybe a total of three times and China Blue once. Maybe my sample size is a little small, but I don't really need much more to experience life at these bars. Drinks are overpriced and when you do need a refill, unless you are a man with massive biceps or an outrageously beautiful woman, chances are the drinks are not going come quickly. You can try flashing money, but the ten I showed the bartender last time I was there did not seem to do the job. Roddy's is a little quicker with there service. I recommend just ordering a bucket of beer (moderately priced). That way, you don't have to worry about fighting your way to the bar as often.

These places are always packed, which is a plus for the owner of these fine establishments. The elite of Boise partake in the joys of these three downtown bars. I use the term elite very loosely, but don't tell that to local gossip website Fame Fifteen. They treat going to China Blue like you are heading into the hottest night spot in Hollywood. They then take your picture and put it up on their website, letting all of Boise know where you were on Friday night. Does Boise really need this? No, but the people love it. Fame Fifteen sends photographers out to these bars all the time, looking for the latest scoop. Was that MJ in the morning doing shots at the bar? Is that former Boise State football player [insert name here] canoodling in the corner with a girl that's not his girlfriend? You know what, Fame Fifteen, leave these people alone. Boise is not Hollywood. Good for you for making buck, but there is a lot more to do in this town than to glamorize the sweet dudes and the prissy women of this town. Give it a rest. (Dear Fame Fifteen, please put my picture up on your website. I will wear my hat slightly tilted, I swear. Just give me a chance.)

Now that I finished that lovely tangent, let's get back to the bars. Roddy's has a mechanical bull, which can be fun if the mood is right. China Blue, well, I can't really say anything too enticing about this place. I'm not against dancing, but did not do any the time I went. I will admit, that over the years, the Bistro has become much more of a tolerable bar to go to. They have some good drink specials, which they always have and I appreciate. The place still gets a little crowded, but it's definitely recommended to get there before nine if you want a seat at the bar or a table. The place has grown over the years, even since the days our theatre department had it's end of the year party there. I will never forget sharing pulls of whiskey from a flask provided to me by a local Shakespeare Festival top actor. (Take that Fame Fifteen). And sometimes it's okay to put $80 worth of Flaming Sambuca's on your friends credit card without him knowing.

Okay, so bottom line, if you want to meet hot women (or guys, for the ladies reading), then these bars are definitely the place to attend. On second thought, maybe I'll put on my Sunday best and go to China Blue next week. Fame Fifteen, get those camera's ready!

"We are here to ruin ourselves and to break our hearts and love the wrong people and to die."-Nicholas Cage


josh belville said…
Ah, the Ted Challenger Trio. A wonderful series of bars if you're interested in finding out how uncool you are.

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