Damn it, Janet!

Everything is always Jumpin' at Janet's... Anyone? Anyone? Are you sure? Okay, so maybe that lame attempt at humor did not work, but at least I'm putting out there. It's a first for me and a first for you, so just sit back, enjoy it, and have a beer.

That's the attitude that the fine people working at Jumpin' Janet's put out there, at least on the occasions I have visited the oasis located at the top of the hill, where 9th street turns into Vista. I use fine in a very loose sense of the word. The waitresses are usually near the higher end of the "hotness" scale, if that matters to you. To me, it doesn't hurt. And everyone I've had the pleasure of being served by at this bar is very cordial, so that of course it a plus.

I really have no specific memories that stand out at this bar. The drinks are cheap and live entertainment is usually provided on Saturday night with a local band. The one time recently I've caught a band there, they were a bluesy/rock band that was pretty good. Their name escapes me, but I recommend stopping in once or twice to check out local talent, especially if you like to smoke inside. (Unlike the newly re-opened Bouquet.) As it is, I've decided to provide a list of helpful things while attending Janet's.

1.) If you have just graduated college, it is nice to find a friend that will buy drinks all night for you and your friends. Sure, some say a $300 bar tab for six people is a little out of control, but it's not like we kept asking him to do it. He's just a very nice guy. (Thank you again, for the beer). On a side note, if you're driving said big spender home as a nice gesture, make sure you get directions from one of his sober friends. I'm still searching to this day where Park Center and Fairview meet up in Boise.

2.) Football Sundays in a much more relaxed and cheaper atmosphere. While the tv's pale in size in comparison to those of the Crescent, the beer is cheaper and you can usually catch any game you want. Just don't take your friend there when his team has lost four games in the last minute of the game that season and barely win a fifth when Herm Edwards' Chiefs miss the two point conversion. I've never seen a man's choice words for the tv silence a bar so quickly.

3.) If you are a guy and at said bar on a Sunday with the same friend, don't assume the two girls that come in on Sunday morning, sit down and do the crossword, and order beer are your soul mates. Your dreams will be crushed minutes later when their boyfriends show up.

4.) During football season (and perhaps other days), Janet's serves breakfast in the mornings. When I say breakfast, it's a make your own omelet menu. I'd say it's the best breakfast I've had second only to Merritt's.

These are just a few suggestions when going to Janet's. There is something about guys throwing quarters into the corner of the bar, but I still haven't figured that part out yet. And the parking lot lacks a lot of spaces, and sometimes it's necessary to park in the neighborhood behind Janet's, but that's aside the point. Check out Janet's for yourself and see just how jumpin' it is. (Did it work that time?)

"I stood among them, but not of them."- Sarah Wentworth Morton


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