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The Past. The Present. The Overland Bar.

In figuring that we are already in the area after my previous blog, we will go on a stumbling journey that takes us down Overland Road. Tonight we will avoid the route of Buddies and Hooligans and instead take the path that leads us to the generation spanning Overland Bar. It's close by, it's small, its intimate, it has cheap beer, and it smells vaguely of booze, cigarette smoke, desperation, and cheap old spice. What can possibly go wrong?

Well, to begin with, you must bring cash or pay the fee to use their ATM. Not that there is a whole lot wrong with that, except its the 90s and cards should be accepted everywhere. (Okay, it's not the 90s and perhaps that joke is getting old, but I don't care.) Now, the Overland Bar simply knows the majority of its clientele, so having them pay in cash is not exactly a bad thing. The customer either ends up not drinking as they much as they would like do to lack of funds or they simply hit the ATM machine like a losing gambler does in Vegas when the chips are gone. Either way, I'm sure that the Overland Bar is doing just fine.

As I mentioned earlier, the bar has customers that span many generations. On any given night, the following groups can be represented: Young drunks, old drunks, war vets, bikers, white trash, sweet dudes, easy girls, married people, swingers, and people just searching for a good time. I'd say a quarter of the people you meet in this bar are teetering on the crazy side, which often leads to a good time for all. The best part is, they will come right up and sit down at your table and start a conversation with you without even asking. Even better, you don't care, because most of the time the stories are at least entertaining and provide you with the drunken laugh you need.

Now, many of my stories from the Overland Bar have faded away, well, because it's usually the bar that is last on the stop for the evening. Too many drinks in, I often just want to avoid the place all together, but a few of my friends like to get one last round of karaoke and one last round of crazy in. Now, I've never personally attempted it at this bar, but if a guy puts in the tiniest bit of effort in with a lady, chances are you could take her home. Maybe they're not the cutest of girls and hell, maybe not the youngest, but it works nonetheless. The closest I've come, without even an iota of effort, was when my friend and I joined a few girls at the very first table, right next to the karaoke stage. While we weren't even trying to make a move, the girls seemed to be a little flirty flirt. Having the hawk eyes I do, I noticed one of the girls was wearing a ring on her ring finger, but we proceeded to listen what the girls were putting out there. My friend played along, flirting back in a half ass way. They eventually both mentioned they were married, which didn't bother me and my friend. Mostly because, despite these girls being on the attractive side, we mostly cared about the booze. Eventually, after an hour or so of good conversation, the husband of one of the girls came and stood at the back of the bar staring at us. The girls left to talk to him and came back to us. Apparently, the guys weren't very happy with us sitting there. It turned out, it wasn't the husband of the girl that was upset, but more so the cousin. My friend and I sat there and finished our beer and continued our conversation with the girls. At one point, my friend braved going to the restroom, but nothing came out of it. Instead of joining us at the table, which we were even willing to leave, the guys just stood at the back of the bar staring.

Sure sounds like a fun place, doesn't it? Well, the Overland Bar does have karaoke seven days a week. I've never done karaoke here, unless you can't singing loudly to every song while sitting at the table. I mostly go to support my friends in their karaoke endeavors and drink cheap beer (You do see a pattern here, right? I LIKE CHEAP BEER.)
So, I'm going to give the Overland Bar 6 Bud Lights. On a scale of 10 Bud Lights. It's not quite the best bar to hang out in. I've never been stabbed there. Fights may break out, but that's usually around 148 in the morning. Which bar doesn't have fights, though. In closing, karaoke equals good. Fights equal bad. It's simple math...

"A nickel ain't worth a dime anymore"- Yogi Berra


Hi-dizzle said…
Is this the one that's like, 2-sided? That we did last on my first Boise trip... right before the scone place? For some reason, I'm having a hard time remembering clearly.... ;)
Danny Cerullo said…
I think you might be thinking of Mulligan's. I don't believe we braved the Overland Bar on our first visit.

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