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A Collection of bars...

Sitting around tonight, I said to myself, "Self, why did you decide to write a blog series on all of the bars you've been to in Boise? You made the list, you saw how many bars you've been to over the years. It will be quite the undertaking." And you know what, it has been. I've covered about fourteen bars and probably still have that many to cover. I'm not even counting bar/restaurants because if that were the case, this blog series could continue on forever. As it is, I will forge on. Not only to inform you, the valued reader, of the night life that Boise has to offer for all occasions, but also because I have enjoyed diving back into memories I've lost or pushed away over the years. Both good and bad have crept back into my mind, sometimes even rattling up emotions that I had pushed away for a reason. But that is either here nor there. As a way of speeding up the process, let's take a little journey down State Street. It will not be a long journey, but a one with some hard hitting facts and perhaps a memory or two.

Hey, look everyone, it's Terry's. Terry's is located just off of State and Collister and is another of these lovely little dive bars that I have been to. Now, the total is probably less than five times, but I have been there nonetheless. Karaoke is present at this bar, which is a plus for some people. Certain nights of the week have live music, which is a plus for an entirely different group of people. The beer is set at a reasonable price and the few times I've been there the place is fairly packed. To be honest, I don't make it down State Street too often, so Terry's is not usually a bar I visit. They do have nude paintings, so you can't really argue with that.

Moving along on State, we reach the 44 Club. Now, years ago, the 44 Club used to be a fairly regular hangout because I had a friend that lived across the street from it. The place is your average, dark, smoke filled karaoke bar. Now, I'm not sure if they still do karaoke 7 days a week, but that's just a fair warning if you decide to visit this bar. I haven't been there in close to a year and a half. It is a cash only bar, so in this day and age of plastic, plastic, plastic, it's not often my friends and I have the cash to visit this lovely Establishment. The bar is pretty small, but all of the customers I've encountered there are always quite jovial. No matter if the person can sing, thinks they can sing, or can't sing at all, the bar is always rocking. A few words of advice for you, if you do happen to go to the 44 Club. One: Don't try to steal the Old Crow alcohol sign that hangs by the front entrance. It is a nearly impossible task and you will spend hours wasting your time. And two: If a girl thinks you look like someone she knows, just go with it, because more than likely you will end up at her later on. [A side note for that: If a guy says that to a girl, it's just a pick up line. Or maybe it's a pick up line for the girl, too. I guess at this point I can't really say anything except that she was a good time.]

Okay, as I wrote those two paragraphs, I realized there weren't any more bars I'd been to on State Street. Night Moves is not a bar and the other places I've been to are probably bar/restaurants. I will include in this blog the greatest restaurant in the world. That place is called Merritt's Country Cafe and believe me, it is much more than the holder of the world's greatest scones. All of the food here is cooked with greasy deliciousness. The stories of this place could go on forever, so maybe I will have to write another blog in the future about this great place. As for now, I will close in simply stating that everyone that lives in Boise, or visits Boise, must visit this greasy spoon at least once or they can't say they've truly lived.

"The meaning of life is contained in every single expression of life. It is present in the infinity of forms and phenomena that exist in all of creation.”- Michael Jackson


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