A Misguided Society

Have we, as humans, lost the right to make responsible choices and decisions? That is the question I am putting forth this very evening. As a country, we are trying in utter disdain to create a utopia. Evidence mounts each and every day that points this. We want to control everything from the weather to what we eat in order to create a perfect society. In the process, we are tearing down the little people and often assigning blame to places it shouldn't be placed. My point today, in what may seem like a bitter rant against a decaying nation, will be centered around the people that are regulating our choice of beer cans. More importantly, it's against something that really has no impact in what kind or how much a beer a person will drink. I am speaking, of course, of the right to choose a beer in a neatly colored can, if I so desire.

For those of you that don't know or are unaware, Bud Light has recently launched limited edition cans in which the cans are multi-colored in honor of your favorite college. Okay, maybe not your favorite color, but there are over 20 different options in various parts of this lovely country. For example, out here in Boise State Bronco country, the cans are, or will be, blue and orange. Now, keep in mind, nowhere on these cans does it say "Sponsored by Boise State" or have a picture of the mascot on it. Bud Light is in no way endorsing the fact that people at Boise State like to get drunk on Bud Light. To me, it is simply a gesture to mark the start of the most wonderful time of year: football season.

Now, it seems, that a collection of college universities have decided to write letters to the fine people at Bud Light in hopes of getting these specially designed cans pulled off the market. Why, you may ask? Well, let me tell you, fine people of the world. It seems these universities believe that these colored cans will promote/are promoting underage drinking. Are you kidding me? What you're basically telling me is that these kids in college are making the choice to drink based on whether or not the beer has the same colors as their team/school? This is an utterly foolish thought. College students, who do include people that are of legal age to drink, will not take a drink simply for the fact that the beer is blue and orange. What these universities are telling me is that Joe Freshman, who doesn't like to drink and never has, will suddenly start binge drinking because they released the beer in his school colors. This is not logistical thinking by any means.

All of the universities that have written these letters have remained for the most part anonymous. One that hasn't is from the good old people at Boise State University. In their minds, their precious school will turn into a binge drinking hall of fame because of the blue and orange colored Bud Light. That's right folks, it's no matter if they even like Bud Light, the kids will do it simply because the colors are blue and orange and that's school pride. This coming from the same campus that recently banned smoking because smoking causes suicide rates to jump and people that smoke are worse students than those that don't. (I will not cover this issue, because my good friend Josh Belville recently wrote about it. I'm not sure of the link to it, so if he reads this, perhaps he would be nice enough to provide a link. If not, I know it's on Facebook.)

The point is simply this: Students are going to choose to drink or not to drink based on the usual reasons. Many will want to experiment and give it a try. Many will do it because they are in college and that's what college students do. People have the right and the decision to drink if they want to. While I will not condone underage drinking, we all know it's out, and the kids find a way. Just because it's an orange and blue, or red and white, or whatever color combination does not suddenly mean underage drinking is going to sky rocket. Don't we have more important things to worry about? Like stimulating the economy or who to take first in the fantasy draft. Let the adults have their cans and quit trying to control every little thing and step that society takes. It's personally no matter to me, as I will continue to drink Keystone Light. A can is a can and a beer is a beer. Now let's all raise our colored cans and toast to the slow downfall of a society misguided.


"...to remain silent and indifferent is the greatest sin of all..." -Peace Nobelist Elie Wiesel


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