Pouring over the years of drinking in Boise bars, I've realized that many of the memories, and in turn these blogs, have begun to sound the same. As it has seemed to boil down to logistics, everything revolves around cheap beer, smoky air, and good times. That is why, with much regret and not a lot of sorrow, I've decided to end the current series of bars after this blog. I have covered, I believe, the bars I have spent the majority of my time at over the years. And I have noticed that their business has not increased ten fold since I've begun the blog series. Maybe that's due to lack of Boise readership, or the fact that I did not like the Ted Challenger owned bars, and that's where half of Boise spends their weekends. Why? Well, because these are the "cool" clubs to attend and Fame Fifteen is there. In the end, I guess, people like notoriety.

As it is, my journey has finally brought me to Mulligans, the bar you love to love and the bar you love to hate. Years ago, when I first began going to Mulligans, the place was not that popular among the "normal" folk of Boise. These are the people that had tattoos, wild hair, eccentric clothing, were artists, musicians, and hipsters. This was the bar were the collective "outcasts" could wind down at a smoke filled "Irish" bar. I use the term Irish loosely because while they do serve classics such as Guinness, the only thing that makes it Irish is the fact that The Dropkick Murphys and Flogging Molly play on the jukebox all the time. As I thank you for allowing me that minor digression, let me continue with the thought. The bar was never usually that crowded. The place would have its normal business, but for the most people, even these people would eventually wander over to the Blues Bouquet or down the street to the Nerolux.

We are now in the present day. While the artists, musicians, actors, and so called "sores" of society (as judged by the people that hang out at Mack and Charlies) are still prevalent in this bar, the sweet dudes and VIP girls have started to filter into this bar. To them, it is cute to say that they had a drink at Mulligans and slummed it for a night. They are usually not here for very long, but they have created longer lines and less places to sit. While I'm sure the owners of Mulligans are glad business is booming, it makes it hard on me when all I want to do is have a seat and enjoy a beer. And for clarification, I don't mean that all people that hang out in the 6th and Main area are the same. Some are very nice, and many are friends of mine. I guess it's just the attitude of many of the strangers that I don't know that speak louder than the people I do know.

Mulligans, through it all, still has a friendly atmosphere for the most part. Chances are, on any given night, you will run into someone you know. You may not like them too much, but they are there nonetheless. They will even often go out of their way to talk to you. The jukebox is one of those fancy Internet jukeboxes that give you an entire library of songs to choose from. So when it snows in October, feel free to play Mariah Carey Christmas songs to your hearts content. Mulligans did use to have a $10 limit to use your debit/credit card, but lately the bartenders have not been mentioning this when the alcohol is paid for. Also, Mulligans is nice in the warmer months because they have a front patio to sit out on. You do have to get their fairly early in the evening to claim one of these seats. Because once there, most people don't abandon them until close closing time.

In the end, I guess, Mulligans is a fine place to spend the evening with a group of friends. There are pool tables, if interested, and a few dart boards. There are also various golf and hunting games, if that meets your fanciful needs. Over the years, many great times have been spent there, yet no real specific memories come to mind. At least not anything worth mentioning. Christmas eve of 2007 was spent there, after watching the Chargers beat the Broncos at The Crescent. (A bar that was not mentioned here. This was a good place to watch football, until pitchers of beer became $10.) As it is, good times are usually had here. Whether it be with friends that like Flogging Molly, friends that are actors, a friend in need, or just to enjoy the delightful "Irish" music, Mulligans is a good place to hang out. The prices are right, the smoke is just right, the beer is cold, and best of all, there is usually no U2. And that, my friends, makes for the perfect night.

"Quitting is not an option. No matter how dark it gets."- Wayman Tisdale


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