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An Open Letter to the BCS...

o whom it may concern:

Please do not allow the Boise State Broncos to play in the National Championship Game.

You see, I am a BSU fan. I have been for about ten years now, long before those words were uttered in the same sentence here in Boise. Well, unless you count the old Division I-AA days. I am not discussing that today. Those were great teams, and we've certainly had our fair share of great teams here at Boise State over the last ten years. I'm talking about the here and the now.

We're talking about a team that is still having trouble with the center/quarterback exchange. I mean, come on, these guys are sophomores in college. COLLEGE! They should have no problem with that by now, right? It's a very simple thing to do and we certainly don't want to see a national championship game with bad exchanges. They do it so perfectly in bigger schools like Oklahoma and Ohio State.

Our team is so young, they really would have trouble performing on a national stage. I mean, they only beat Oregon (currently ranked #11 in certain polls) by a score of 19 to 8 and only handled Tulsa on the road by 7. Sure, maybe it was raining and the team was missing two starters, but the team didn't even make an excuse. This BSU team cannot put a full game together and seem to only show up on the offensive side of the ball for two quarters of a game. Their sophomore quarterback, Mr. Kellen Moore, should be much better by now. Two interceptions against 16 touchdowns? Those numbers should be much higher considering the competition he is playing and the young receiving corps he's throwing, too. Austin Pettis has seven touchdowns and 441 receiving yards. Maybe if their running game (3 players averaging over 5 yards a carry) would do better, they could win every game 45-7. The big name schools (like USC and Texas) have played full four quarters in all of their games this year. Even in National Championship Games, a BCS school will always play four quarters of football, just like Oklahoma and Ohio State.

We, as a football nation, can easily give the Broncos a "minor" BCS bowl game, like the Fiesta bowl. This team is too young and inexperienced to win any sort of big game. Their competition is horrible. For the Broncos to get to a National Championship Game, they need to schedule better teams. Or maybe, just maybe, the teams in the WAC can start to win some of THEIR games against the BCS schools. Then the Broncos could actually be befitting of their ranking. Maybe it's the pollsters faults for ranking this young team so high to begin the season. With all of the early season losses for other big teams, of course the Broncos would rise. Now, they are going to get passed by teams that have lost games they should have won. (Ahem, USC.)

The thing is, the Broncos only have 2 seniors on this team so they'll have plenty of chances to be good again next year. If all goes according to plan, they will have 20 starters returning and then maybe you can give them the shot at a title. Why reward them this year with a silly game for the title? Next year, they'll get to challenge the likes of Virginia Tech, Oregon State, and probably a FCS school. They are the only ones with this caliber of team that schedules an FCS school. Charleston Southern and Delaware State are FBS schools, right?

Please, BCS committee, do not reward these hard working kids that have fans who will travel with a National Title shot if they are still undefeated. Of course if you did, then maybe you would have to do it all over again next year? And no one surely wants that, right?




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