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The half week in sports...

It's only Thursday, yet the the week in sports has already been peppered with scandals, hoopla, and entertainment. This simply means the weekend will be chalk full of excitement, especially on Saturday when Boise State takes on New Mexico State. With a spread of 45 points, this game should be a real barn burner.

A quick update before I dive in: The Oregon State punter just punted 15 yards. That's not very far.

Tiger Woods has finally proven that he's not infallible. You know it's not good when the likes of TMZ and the National Enquirer. I tried coming up with some clever headlines for him, like "Tiger Woods Needs Mulligan to Save Marriage" or "Tiger bogeys on Marriage" but nothing seemed right. After all, I'm pretty sure the New York Daily News already came up with something lame like this to lead their front page. As of today, no one really knows what happened. The man crashed his car, got a fine, probably got beat up by his wife, has 3 alleged mistresses, and lost in The Masters this year. It really has been a tough year for him. The good news: Still has all of those endorsement deals and a great bro-mance with Roger Federer. Maybe should TMZ should look into that.

The winter meetings are about to start for Baseball. Is it just me or are the Atlanta Braves trying to become the Boston Braves? Do they really think that the signings of Takashi Saito and Billy Wagner will help them? Do they want Brad Penny and Nick Green as well? Is this how you really want to send out Larry "Chipper" Jones? I say good luck Braves, you're going to need it.

So long Bobby Bowden. What will "Free Shoes University" do now without their savior? The situation regarding Coach Bowden was a complete shame. Granted their program has slipped over the last few years, but the man should have been allowed to retire on his own ground. Coach Paterno went through a cycle like this a few years back and he was able to turn it around. These are two coaching legends that should have both been able to dictate their own retirement. Unfortunately, only one at this point will be able to fulfill that wish. Coach Bowden was an old school coach that has been passed by the new age, College Football "business" that is now driving this sport. Now longer will coaches be around for more than ten years because school don't have the patience to sit through the "bad" or rebuilding years. Here's to Coach Bowden hopefully going out a winner in his bowl game.

This is not sports related, but "Christmas with the Kranks" is not a good movie. Of course, it looks good compared to "Deck the Halls", which is on next on F/X.

Concussions are driving the topic at the NFL head office this week. See what I did there? "Head" office. Anyone? Okay...

Allen Iverson returns to Philly. I don't really no what to say about that. Allen Iverson has always been an extremely talented player, but his true colors really showed the last few years. This is a guy that had an opportunity to prove he was a team player and possibly help win a title with Denver, but he refused to budge as the "go-to-guy". Philly was much better off with Andre Miller. Hope those extra cheeks in the seats look good on your bottom line, Sixers fans.

As a general note, I'd like to take credit for the Chargers current winning streak. They have not lost a game since my letter calling for Norv Turner to be fired. Maybe he read the letter, because he's really opened up the offense since my letter was written. You're welcome, Chargers' fans.

There you go. Just a few of my thoughts on the topics dominated the headlines. I have to go eat my Tony's pizza now.


"Tiger Woods scores hole in one in Australia. Also plays golf while there."

Is that too much?

Oh yeah, Oregon leads Oregon State 14-10. We'll see if that holds up...


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