'Tis the season...

Over the past few days, I have spent numerous hours on how to fill this blog space. I knew that I wanted to post a new blog, but the ideas in my head were countless. The two choices I narrowed it down to were quite simple. First of all, because countless magazines, websites, and television shows are doing it, I was going to do a decade in review. Of me. Then I got to thinking that was far less interesting then recounting all of my New Year's Eve memories from the last decade. Of course, I couldn't remember for the life of me how I spent the end of 2002 going into 2003, so that list wouldn't be complete. I know I was living in North Hollywood and staying on the couch of my good friends Greg, Missi, Ben, and Misty. That's about how far my memory got. So either it was a really good one or a really boring one. I'll let you, valued reader, decide what happened that New Year's Eve and fill me in later.

Where is it, then, have I decided to lead you today? Well, to be honest, I've decided to lead you absolutely nowhere. The decade has been eventful, with college graduation, moving to L.A., being on "Scrubs", Christmas in Burbank, Christmas in Canoga Park, meeting Todd Zeile, going to Ireland, moving back to Boise, performing in a comedy group, writing plays, friends passing away, weddings, romance, intrigue, and adventure. Who didn't experience that, right? Seems like a pretty standard decade. So, today, in true Christmas fashion, I've decided to write what I hope is the first Christmas Blog Form Letter. I hope you enjoy.


Greetings all. I hope this time of year finds you and your [FAMILY, LOVER, FRIENDS, PETS] doing well and enjoying the holiday spirit.

I myself have had a fair year. I am currently about to finish my third year at the bank. The pay is good and it pays the bills. Before you even ask, the answer is no, I am not a published writer yet. I'm a trying very hard and constantly submitting plays, screenplays, and my novel, so please get off of my back. Just because you have [1 KID, 3 KIDS, 4 DOGS] and a vacation home in [FLORIDA, CALIFORNIA, GARDEN CITY] already, it's no reason to judge me. I'm doing just fine.

Life in Boise is good. I have a wonderful girlfriend who I care for deeply. Also, she has not made me watch "New Moon" yet, though I fear that day is fast approaching. We have been dating for nearly 7 months now and it's good to have her in my life. Unlike you, valued friend, who only talks to me [ONCE A MONTH, ONCE A YEAR, NOT SINCE COLLEGE]. Come on, seriously. I thought we were friends. So you've moved to [LOS ANGELES, NEW YORK, PARMA]. With friends like you, I guess, who needs friends.

I took two vacations this year. I went to Simi Valley for a wedding and to California for a family gathering. I guess I took three days of vacation, if you count five days in Las Vegas a vacation. My good friend Richard was married there in March, so Danny, Aaron, and I decided to drive down there. Before you ask, the answer is no, I did not get [ARRESTED, MARRIED, A HOOKER]. My car did get a flat tire just outside of Ely, Nevada. If any of you have driven this route to Vegas, you know there is nothing out there. We drove four hours on a donut before that finally gave out. Luckily, we were in a nice little town straight out of a horror movie. We got a new tire after 3 hours of waiting and made it to Vegas in time to be drunk for four straight days. I know it's not [CABO, DISNEYLAND, CANADA] but we can't all have high paying jobs, now can we.

That's just a glimpse of my little life over the past year. I hope that all is [WELL, GRAND, HORRIBLE] in your life. Have a [MERRY, HAPPY, GOOD] [CHRISTMAS, HANUKKAH, FESTIVUS]!


"Everyone is worried about their future, but we should all just live for the moment. The future holds only the art of dying and the end of life. Celebrate what we love and hold onto what is dear to us. For it is all we have in this thing called life."


Danny Cerullo said…
"Sorry guys, but my buddy is way too fucking drunk to come down here with a tire right now."

What a magical evening.

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