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Glory in the Desert

I'm going to start off very simply: BSU 17 TCU 10.

At this point, two days after the fact, I'm hoping that much didn't blow your mind. The 2010 Fiesta Bowl was once again a shocker to anyone that isn't a Boise State Bronco fan. In fact, I would say that even this year, even a few of the fans were caught off guard. With a team represented by only four seniors, this magical run was supposed to be a year away. Sure, we'd have a good team, but nothing like this, right? Well, it happened. And in true Boise State form, it just had to happen in dramatic fashion.

Today, I'm not here to necessarily talk about the game. I can't possibly add anything about the game that hasn't already been stated by thousands of professional writers and non-professional bloggers. Some columnists out of Texas are making excuses on as to why TCU lost. Mark May probably still thinks the victory was a fluke and would vote TCU higher than BSU in final poll. That's all besides the points. I've ranted before on the lack of respect that Boise State gets, so I will save that for a different day.

No, my friends, today I am here to tell Bronco Nation one thing: Let's keep the hype down to a whisper. It's only January and there's already a roar of a National Championship discussion for next year. That's a good 8 months until the first game of the 2010-11 season. We all know what happened last time this much hype surrounded a Boise State team.

Think about: A quarterback entering his junior season with Heisman dreams. A ton of returning players. An early season road game with a highly ranked team from the East Coast. The result: A humiliating loss at the hands of the Georgia Bulldogs.
Let's not rush to a lot of judgments before the smell of this year's hard work has even left the locker room.

Of course, I believe this team will be a lot more seasoned than the previous one mentioned. We have a much smarter head coach and quarterback. With the team we have returning, it certainly is a good thing to have lofty aspirations as fans. Let's just not set them too high before spring practices have even begun. We need to hope the other teams in the WAC can continue to step up their play. For Boise to even be considered as a National Championship contender, we need Nevada to stop getting throttle by SMU in bowl games. Congrats to Idaho for at least helping make the WAC a respectable .500 in bowl games this year.

To even think of a National Championship, Boise has to get that first win under their belt. It's a long road to the perceived Championship that Boise is clamoring for. If, of any year it can happen, it will be next year. With a perceived top ten ranking and a higher strength of schedule, anything is possible. Hype is a big thing and it sure helps the Fiesta Bowl was once again the talk of the college sports world over the last few days. Whether it be predictions by Yahoo! columnists (Dan Wetzel, Jan. 5th)or rabid fans commenting on message boards, the hype is on the rise. Let's just keep it cool and enjoy this Fiesta Bowl for what it was: a hard fought victory in which the 2009-10 team completed a 14-0 season and possible top 3 final ranking. We'll worry about the rest when Mark May tells us to.



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