It has come to this...

There is nothing on television and I'm currently enjoying some sort of Opera singing show on PBS. That's right. It's like "American Idol" but for Opera singers. I've got my money (all $3.11) on the very polite African American gentleman. I would have taken those odds to Vegas, but my lovely girlfriend stopped me. No, really, you don't get it. She has physically held me back from leaving the house in order to go place this bet. "It's a sure thing," I told her. Unfortunately, she remembers the last time I told her that betting was a sure thing. I'd had too many jack and cokes and long story short, I ended up on bus in downtown Vegas wearing only my boxer shorts. So of course, in the end, she wins out.

Tonight's blog can simple be filed under the tagline: "Heidi Montag: Role Model to no one."

-The channel has been changed and we're now watching "The Real World: Washington, D.C.". This only reminds me of the new hit show on MTV. I'm sure you've all heard of it. It's called "Jersey Shore" and it's quite possibly the greatest piece of bad television to ever hit the airwaves. The finale is on Thursday night (I don't know the time. I'm not a tv guide and I'm not pimping for MTV). Go check it out. Every episode is simply about drinking, partying, fighting, and fist pumping. Fist pumping is not what you think it is. Unless you think it's pumping your fist in the air while dancing. Then you're spot on. This move is sweeping the nation. Like the 'Urkel'. Even the great Michael Cera hung out with the cast and had himself made over into a Guido. "Jersey Shore" is sweeping the nation. Hop on this train and learn all about "The Situation". That's a dude's self proclaimed nickname, just as a FYI. Believe me, you will be sorry if you don't watch.

-Speaking of being sorry if you're not watching, be sure to catch the last few episodes of "The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien". Barring some last minute reprieve and NBC pulls it's figurative head out of its figurative ass, Mr. O'Brien will be leaving the network very shortly. Eight months is not quite the run he was expecting. And before you argue that his ratings stink, think about this. Jay Leno is drawing lower numbers than "Law and Order", which is leading to lower numbers for the nightly news, which is turn finally leading to lower numbers for Conan. Except in the Boise, ID market. For some reason, they love Jay Leno. The man is like Brett Favre. Jay Leno announced his retirement in 2004. NBC had to appease him at the eleventh hour because suddenly he didn't want to retire. Now, he comes out and says he never wanted to retire in the first place. Leno claims NBC forced him to retire. Sounds like a great company to work for.

-I couldn't think of a clever segue for this one, but I'm going to jump into the sports world. Hey, San Diego Chargers, thanks again for ruining a perfectly good January. There are now three certainties in life: Death, Taxes, and Nate Kaeding choking in the playoffs.

-And Jets fans: Mark Sanchez is not that good. This is the same guy that had six interceptions in one game. He's simply playing Joe Flacco football and we've seen how that's ended the last two years.

-Mark McGwire admits he did steroids. Yep. I'm still in shock. Oh well, at least Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens never did any thing like that. Thank good that the sanctity of the game is still in tact.

Well, my job has been accomplished. I'm now ready to start some writing. No, I don't know the winner of "Opera Idol" yet, but the performances are very riveting. I'll keep you updated.



Hasko said…
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tickled crow said…
"Even the great Michael Cera hung out with the cast and had himself made over into a Guido"

ahah nice

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