A New Year...

I want to hold 'em like they do in Texas please...Those are just a sampling of some new lyrics I've been on.

Okay, you got me. Those are lyrics as sung by Lady Gaga and written by, well, it looks like Lady Gaga. I could never come up with such a clever hook to an exciting song like that. Or the hit "Tic Toc" by Keisha for that matter. Just a great song that really makes me enjoy today's pop music more and more.

All of this is off topic, my friends. Today I'm simply here to give you a quick update on my writing. I will try not to talk about "Jersey Shore", for it seems every entertainment source cannot go a day without mentioning this deplorable show. It's like the new "Twilight".

December was a slow month for submission opportunities. I did receive my screenplay "Paranoid Gods" back from the Nevada Film Commission. Though it was not accepted as the grand prize winner for 2009, the feedback was fairly positive and I hope to attack a re-write later this year and submit it to some agents. I scored generally higher in most categories than my last screenplay, and my dialogue was rated exceptionally high. This is all considering that I don't like to talk much at all. I came away from this response feeling better overall than I did with my last screenplay I submitted.

It will still be at least four to six months before I hear any response on my ten minute play that I submitted to various theatres late last year. I am currently working on a full length play that I hope to possibly produce later this year. I'm shooting for a mid to late summer production, but we'll see how the lay of the land plays out.

As for the fantasy novel, the editing/proofreading process is coming along slowly. I have located a few publishing houses that accept unsolicited scripts and have also found some places that help with self-publishing. Hopefully, by this time next month the proofreading with be complete and the first manuscripts will be sent out. My proverbial fingers are crossed. (I don't cross my real fingers).

That's just a quick journey through my mind. I lost a fair amount of money on fantasy football this year, so if you don't see me about town as much, it's because I'm licking my wounds from my less than stellar bank account. In the end, the more time I spend at home, the more time it gives me to write. And catch up on episodes of "Brooke Knows Best", "Tough Love", and "Keeping Up with the Kardashians". You know, because I had know idea before watching that show that one of them was pregnant, one of them married Lamar Odom, and Kim is on again/off again with Reggie Bush. Oh wait, yeah I did. Because I have the internet and every E! talks about it all of the time. Why do people even watch "The Kardashians" anymore? It's "news" before the episode even airs. I could go on for hours about reality shows and I at least count my blessings that Heidi and Spencer have seemed to fall off the radar for the time being.

Until we meet again...



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