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Aah, February...

It's Presidents' Day. That means only one thing. There is a "V" marathon on the SciFi channel. Oh wait, I forgot to be hip and correctly spell the name of the channel. It's SyFy now. I've got to learn to get that straight.

For the record, so there is no more confusion, I'm talking about the original "V" that aired in the early 80's. While the acting in this movie leaves a lot to be desired, the story line isn't actually too bad, though I think the special effects are bad, even for their time. Of course, I was only five or six at the time it originally aired, so I can't really complain. It was good back then and it's even more awesome now. Plus, it stars the Beastmaster himself, Mr. Marc Singer.

I've been silent the last two weeks, but that was mostly to revel in my prediction of of the Saints beating the Colts in the Super Bowl. (OH! When the Saints..., 01/27/10) Now, if only I can use my superpowers to win big at the casinos and on my scratch tickets, life would be perfect.

This won't be much of a blog that deals with the same subject. I throw that out there as a fair warning, though I do hope you read on with reckless abandon. Here are just a few thoughts and musings of mine.

John Mayer can't seem to stay out of the news these days. And it's not really due to his music. For those of you that aren't aware, he made some pretty racist comments in a recent Playboy interview (I recommend going to Google, typing in John Mayer, and any number of links will take you to the said comments.) I have an idea for you, old pal. Simply take a step back from the media, maybe even get off of your twitter, and maybe hit the studio again. Then you can release some new music. Remember music? It's the reason you got famous to begin with.

The Winter Olympics are currently...

That's right. The Winter Olympics are currently underway. Two weeks of Bob Costas talking about bobsleds, figure skaters, and Nordic Skiing. Very entertaining.

It's the slow time of the year for sports. Let's see, this weekend had the NBA All Star game and the Super Bowl of Car Racing, the Daytona 500. First off, the NBA All Star game features even less defense than a regular NBA game. While there are some pretty explosive dunks, the game usually has little else to offer. Last night's game came down to the wire, though both teams kept fouling in the last seconds in hopes of avoiding overtime. You know, don't want the fans to get cheated with some overtime and free basketball. Not that I won't really complain, because I didn't even watch the game.

As for the Daytona 500, I will always contend that this is not a sport. While I applaud these gentlemen driving really fast around corners, I will state that turning left for three hours does not make you an athlete.

The new, final season of "Lost" premiered a few weeks ago. You can read my thoughts on this from an earlier blog. (My own personal LOST finale, 01/13/2010). I would like to thank the creators of "Lost" for at least answering a few of our questions. And for bringing back the greatest character of them all, Arzt.

Well, so much has happened over the past two weeks, I simply cannot cover all of the things I'd like to discuss without going on forever. I mean, who has the time with a new season of "Tool Academy" underway. Which reminds me, it's good to see that MTV finally dropped the word 'music' from their logo. Now, their sellout to the world of reality is complete. I'm surprised they haven't started the MTV Reality TV awards yet. But you wait. Just you wait...



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