February Update

Happy Groundhog's Day Eve everyone! I'm currently preparing for the event with a cup of tea and some Regina Spektor. That's the only proper way to celebrate the coming of the animal that has predicted the end of winter for ages. Of course, it seems odd that a mayor has to pull the ground hog out of its home and lift it up to the sky to see if it sees its shadow. I mean, couldn't the end of winter just be judged on if the sun is out on February 2nd or not? It would seem a lot simpler than going through the hassle of dressing up a man in funny clothes and then holding a small animal named Phil. The weather man could do all of this on any day of the week.

As I carefully prepare myself for Groundhog Day and the season premiere of LOST tomorrow night, I decided to take a few moments and write down an update of my life over the past month. The first month of the year has already flown by so let's get started.

The fantasy novel has about 90 pages of editing left. The process was really hit and miss over the last month, but I've tackled a lot over the last week. With any luck, the editing portion will be done by the middle of this month. I have a few options has to where to send, but on a whole, the places that accept unsolicited manuscripts are limited. I can also go the literary agent route, which I plan on exploring. There is also the chance of self-publishing, which I will wait and delve into until some of my other options have been exhausted.

The full length play I've been working, with a USA working title of "Midnight" is still a slow process. I've been putting a lot of my energy into the fantasy novel, but my hopes is that I can pick it up at full pace again this week. We'll see.

As it always is with me, I have other writing projects that I like to work on. It is in my interest, though, to tackle these two aforementioned ventures and finish up work on them before diving back into something else. If I can't get any forward momentum on "Midnight", then I do believe I'll return to the task of re-writing my first full length play, "Poison." Copies of the first re-write are available for viewing. Just email me at shadowhunting1@yahoo.com and I'll see about sending you a copy. [At least I hope I have a typed copy still. My computer has crashed a few times over the years and various disks have been lost. Send my an email and I'll let you know.]

I'm currently reading "Manhunt" by James Swanson. It's a definite recommend if you are a fan of history.

I am going to try to get back into the acting scene. I will be auditioning for "Twelve Angry Men" coming up this weekend. It's nothing too fancy, just looking to get back into the circuit again. Or for the first time in a few years, for that matter.

That's just a brief journey for the month of January. Now, I need to go get started for the evening. Plus, Third Eye Blind is now playing on my itunes, so I need to sit in the dark and stop typing to fully enjoy their sweet, soothing sounds.



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