Onward in March

Normally I like to start off with something off beat and maybe a little funny. Not today. The writing bug has struck in other avenues, so today's update will be short and to the point. And maybe I've been playing too much SNAKE on Facebook to pay attention to what's going on in the real world. The game is addicting as it was ten years ago when I was playing it on my old NOKIA cell phone. As it were, I will end this first paragraph now because with that last sentence, I just dated myself.

Just over a week ago, I finally finished the editing process on my fantasy novel. Now, I will begin the process of shipping it out for the world to see. Okay, maybe not the world, but at least to some publishing companies and agents and the such. It's a start...

The audition for BLT's "Twelve Angry Men" apparently did not go so well. As it turns out, of the all the people that auditioned, I was only the 13th angriest. [On a side note, a cast member did drop out and I was asked to replace him. Alas, it was about two weeks too late and I was already onto another project.]

The other project of note does not involve acting, though I'm always on the lookout for my next acting opportunity. After visiting some websites of theatre companies, there are some accepting full length plays. With that in mind, I have decided to re-write my play "Poison". It was first produced in 2002 and has gone through a few writes, but the final product is still not quite up to my standing. I am currently working on a re-write with the idea that a reading can be performed in May. After that, a quick edit and then submission to said theatre companies. That is the plan for now, and I hope to follow that through.

As for other writing, I am constantly looking for places to submit and am just working on polishing my one acts and ten minute plays. My ten minute play "Pandora's Box" was not accepted into the Source Festival, as I did not receive an email before March 1st stating that the play was selected.

The long march continues...


matthewkelly said…
I have a friend who runs a theater company in Antelope Valley, he's looking for original works to produce at his theater. If you've written anything previously unpublished (or feel like writing something new for the purpose) I could put you in touch with him, pass along your email, or give you his, something.

I will say it's a small black-box type place, so the sequel to Miss Saigon I know you are penning probably isn't a good pick for this space. Here is their website if you are interested at all, I know he's offering a bit of cash for submissions they go on to produce.


Also, love the blog man, hope all is going well.

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