Time Keeps on Ticking...

The cursor repeatedly flashes on a blank screen.

It's those next words that are going to change the world. The phrase that will ultimately get the ball rolling on the next big thing. The project that will ultimately change my life forever. Except those words never come and the incessant flashing of the cursor is enough to drive one mad.

The mind is easily distracted. It can be distracted by the roaring of cars out the bedroom window, the cat meowing in the other room, the girlfriend laughing on the couch, or the sounds of Kirstie Alley's new television show blaring in the background. These are not obstacles, but moments stolen in time that I treasure. And I welcome all of these distractions because the cursor won't stop playing it's coy little game.

That's half the battle these days, putting the pen to the paper or the fingers to the keyboard. So much to experience in the world. So little time to cram it all in. The mind and the heart have troubling agreeing and forging ahead to their separate desires. Both want the ultimate goal of achieving perfection. The heart and the cursor are one in the same, flashing, beating to their own drum and trying to escape emptiness.

Yet they eventually do. The letters produce words and the words produce sentences. The heart beats rapidly, filling the void that was once created. The mind creates and feels the flow of the world that's being creating evolve around me. In this brief moment, the heart and the mind combine with desire and form the happiness that is truly sought.

The downside? Tomorrow is a new day and the process begins again. And for that, I'm truly thankful.


"Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence." -Vince Lombardi


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