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Futbol Rules the World.

What's that Jason? You're here to talk about the World Cup of Soccer? (Yes, I'm American, so Soccer gets the nod in the blog. The title fooled you, didn't it?) Of course I am!

Here's what happened after the first weekend of the 2010 FIFA World Cup:

1.) There was a lot of passing of the soccer ball
2.) Of course, there were some ties.
3.) I'm pretty sure Germany set sort of record by scoring four goals. In one game!
4.) England's goalkeeper cannot possibly return to England.
5.) There was some more passing of the ball. This time from fullback to goalie.
6.) The Socceroos allowed four goals to Germany. In one game!

That's right, folks, soccer action is here to stay. It's not going anywhere. David Beckham is bound to rule this cup. (What? He's injured? Go figure.) Well, in that case, Freddy Adu must be starring for the U.S. team by now. I remember reading that he was the next Pele. That's when Adu was fourteen and featured in Sports Illustrated. (You gotta be kidding me. He's 20 now and not even on the team?) At least there's always the drug adled Diego Maradona. He will lead Argentina to victory! (Come on, that's not true. He's the coach? And overweight? What has soccer become?!)

Okay, I did watch the United States vs. England and was very entertained. I enjoy watching a game of round ball on the pitch from time to time. Especially during the World Cup, in which I'll actually sit through a full game, even if the United States isn't playing. And sense I've watched one full game plus parts of others, I figured it would be okay for me to chime in on the current controversy surrounding the Cup. Let me explain quickly and then I will disappear into the night.

The controversy surrounds the nice little instrument called a vuvuzela. And thousands of fans and players are complaining that it is ruining the game. As are commentators and fans watching from home. First off, to the fans at home, get over it. I watched the entire England/USA game and didn't even notice anything different than the normal buzzing and cheering that I normally hear in the background of a soccer game on T.V. I hadn't even noticed it until John Harkes mentioned it. Plus, I'm pretty sure soccer is game, that when televised, doesn't really call for announcers. Turn down the sound. Second, to the players, you are the top players in the world. Deal with it and play your game. And fans at the game, I'm sorry you can't do your normal, drunk chant about how good your team is. Maybe try something new. Sure, apparently this horn can reach 140 decibels, but the South Africans are proud of this horn, as far as I know. Watch the game and move on.

That is all. I felt because this vuvuzela is all I've heard about during the past few days, aside from the new, horrible ball being used (there's always something.) When in fact, for fans of the sport, they only want to hear about the games. Unfortunately, as with every sport, there is drama that comes right along with it. In the end, that's what today's casual fan looks for.

Into the night I go, to go buy my own vuvuzela and sound it until the morning dew is fresh.



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