As I sit here surfing the internet and watching as the Boston Red Sox fall further back in the standings, I realized it had been awhile since I've updated the trials and tribulations of the happenings of my life. Normally, I'd say brace yourself. Not today, though. It's a hot August day and the sluggishness is catching up to me. So, here we go...

I had a reading for my full length play "Solace" about a month ago. It was the first draft and I thank the people that read for me. The feedback you provided was useful, and with any luck (fingers crossed), the second draft will be finished this weekend and a second reading will take place. Stay tuned.

Since August has rolled around, many places are once again accepting submissions. As I speak, my short play "One Night Stand" is on route to a secret location. Within four to six weeks, I will know the result of said submission. As I've said before, stay tuned.

Other than that, the writing front has been quiet. Most of my energy has been spent working on the second draft of "Solace".

I did make it to L.A. for a short vacation. Thanks to the friends I was able to see out there. You are all good people and I appreciate your continued support. Even you, Richard Sankey, have my thanks. That was one delicious second supper you cooked that night. On a side note to that trip, I found a razor blade in one of my tires. Apparently I have very little luck with road trips and tires. I was a little upset at first, but I made it safely back to Boise, so I'm fine now.

A few tidbits on the world of sports and pop culture

Brett Favre: Yawn...

If you haven't watched "Friday Night Lights" (the television show), do yourself a favor and rent/buy/Netflix it now. It is by far the best show on television. I'd make you some sort of promise of giving you money if I'm wrong, but we all know I don't have that kind of money.

I still hate the Yankees.

Do we really need a "Total Recall" remake? I do believe Hollywood has officially run out of ideas, though "Inception" was pretty darn close to amazing.

Does anyone really think that Lindsay Lohan will be better after 2 weeks in jail and not even 30 days in rehab? Does anyone really care anymore? Discuss this at your next party...

I'm pretty sure "The Expendables" with Sly Stallone was number one at the box office only because of the tagline, "You'll have a mangasm"!

That's it, for now. 17 days until kickoff. BSU vs. Va. Tech. Be there. It's being televised in the 3rd dimension...



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