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A few thoughts...

"Some parents in California may be happy to kiss Ronald and his Happy Meals goodbye for good. A Washington-based advocacy group said McDonald's baits, exploits, and harms children by offering toys with its kid's meals, according to a lawsuit filed in the state courthouse in San Francisco last year. The Center for Science in the Public Interest sought class-action status on behalf of all of the state's children under 8 years of age who have seen Happy Meal marketing since December 2006."

This was taken from a report on the Yahoo Finance page that was exploring why Ronald McDonald is slowly disappearing from ad campaigns...The preceding paragraph talked about the healthy options available at McDonalds now and how unhealthy the happy meals used to be.

Why I certainly commend McDonalds for turning over a healthier leaf, are you kidding me about the lawsuits? Last I checked, it wasn't the eight year old kids driving themselves to McDonalds. It wasn't the children having the final choice in what was ordered for them at a fast food establishment. To these advocates and public interest groups in California, let me say this: Let's throw some lawsuits at these parents. Don't they as well "bait,exploit, and harm" their children by giving them the happy meals? Or using happy meals as a reward for doing something good? It is the rights of these parents and adults to give their children the food the eat. To make that choice is a freedom granted to us. No one ever led me to believe that a McDonalds happy meal is healthy, at least prior to 2006, so why would I be surprised if I found it they were unhealthy?

It's time that advocacy groups stop meaningless lawsuits that tie up our court systems. In the end, it is parents that make the call on what to feed their children and how much of it they get. We, as a nation, have found ways to educate consumers over the years. In that regard, I can see where advocacy groups are coming from. A class action lawsuit, thought? A monetary reward for kids under the age of 8, now 12 or 13? Chances are, if they win money, it's going right back to where it came from. A fast food joint. It is time to place responsibility and/or blame back where is belongs. To the parents. It is not McDonalds fault.

Just my thoughts...And I don't even like to eat at McDonalds.



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