Craig James: College Football Analyst?

Dear Mr. James,

You sir, should not be paid to analyze college football. That's plain and simple. To vote a 10-1 Boise State team as 24th in the nation shows a lack of common knowledge about the game you are a so called expert in. To rank the Broncos behind a team with 5 losses and two teams with 4 losses, to put it simply, is not right. I could understand an argument in which you place them between 10 and 15, but in no way are they the 24th ranked team in the nation. You, sir, always speak about "body of work". So, because Houston is undefeated and their best win is against a 6-6 UCLA team, you believe it is fair to rank them in the top ten. Boise State, on the other hand, with a loss against the 19th ranked team and a win at 12th ranked Georgia, barely registers a top 25 vote for you. Your own argument fails to hold any water.

I realize the AP ballot has no effect on the BCS voting, and perhaps BSU has struggled to provide reasons to bust the BCS this year, but for one man to have this much disdain against a hard working team that cannot control the teams it plays week in and week out is uncalled for. Let's not forgot that Oklahoma lost to a Texas Tech team that hasn't won since that October day. Oklahoma St. just lost to Iowa State, a team that barely became bowl eligible with that win. Even Oklahoma's "great" early season win was against a Florida State team that finished 8-4. "Body of work" means nothing unless you play in the SEC; especially this year. Boise State has, over the last five years, continually proven that they can play with the big boys of college football. Mr. James, the teams you have ranked in front of Boise State with the four and five losses have not won a big game in years. Okay, maybe Texas, but they haven't been the same since Colt McCoy left. You and I can't control who college football teams face, but at least you have the opportunity to reward a good team with the ranking it so rightfully deserves.

As we all know, I am not a voter and I am a fan of Boise State. This school is my Alma mater and if they were undefeated still, I'm sure I would be up in arms about them being ranked #3 right now and not being able to play in the title game. As it is, we lost on that fateful November day, at home, and even I see that we don't have a chance at a BCS game. I am no Chadd Cripe of the hometown Idaho Statesman (Boise State, number 4 ranking), but I do believe that we are a top ten program. Let us not forget, that during the TCU game we were down our top 3 cornerbacks, our starting center, and our starting tailback. So, to rank a top caliber program this low because of one loss (to a ranked opponent) is just a disgrace to what you call sports journalism. In the words of one of your ESPN colleagues: "Come on, man!"

That is all, Mr. James. Unfortunately, I will be unable to watch the BCS countdown ever again. In fact, I will promptly turn off the television if I even see you appear on a program. Unless, that is, I see Boise State ranked in the top 12 again on your ballot. Of course, for that to happen, you'd probably rank 7-4 Texas number 4, based on their body of work. In that case, I'd say the Texas fans will be really happy. Hook 'em Horns!



"Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly."- Robert F. Kennedy


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