Christmas Time is here. Have another beer...

In the spirit of the holidays, I was going to talk about twelve things that the Christmas season has brought us. Even more so, these are general observations I have had over the last month or so. As I started to dive in, and with time running short before Christmas, I have decided to narrow the list down. I was going to include links on some of them, but alas, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation is on, and my attention is divided. Enjoy and Happy Holidays to all! Thanks for stopping by.

1.) Grandma needs to take it easy on the eggnog. While it's always nice to have in moderation, I learned on Yahoo this week that eggnog is not healthy for you. Not only is it high in cholesterol, but apparently if you have too much, it increases your chances of getting run over by a reindeer. And also, what kind of ass is Grandpa that he wouldn't even walk Grandma home that night. It could have saved us all a lot of heartache. (Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer is popularly sung by Dr. Elmo.)

2.) This has nothing to do with Christmas, but I'm tired of the media's love of Tim Tebow. He plays well for one quarter a game. I am certain he is a good leader and has the right opportunities at the end of the games, but he is not that good. The defense of the Broncos is good. The kicking and punting game are top notch. And Tebow has fourth quarter magic like no other. I remember another player in Denver that had fourth quarter magic. His name was Jake Plummer and he left town after a short time. I am hoping for a Christmas miracle and the Broncos lose their last two games. In turn, the Chargers will win their last two and make the playoffs yet again.

3.) I don't care what the Kardashian's Christmas Card looks like. And yet it was highly sought after this week. So what do I do? I click on the link to see what the picture looks like. And what should appear to my eyes: A family picture of robots with no souls. Of course, that's saying robots do have souls, but that's an entire different argument. For Christmas, I'd like the Kardashian clan to go away, along with much of America. By that, I don't mean I want America to go away but that America is tired of these people that have no reason to be popular. It's probably partially my fault because I keep talking about them. That's my New Years Resolution. Stop talking about the Kardashians.

4.) Christmas songs have the power to make anyone happy. Or at least 4 men in their 30's driving around town in the middle of November. Let me set the scene. It's November 12 and Boise State has just lost to TCU. In the car ride to pick up some dear friends who have just witnessed the loss in person, I switch on the radio. To my surprise, Lite 107.9 has already started to play Christmas songs. To help take away the sting of BSU's undefeated season, my friends and I purposefully left that station on. We rolled down our windows and began to sing songs for all of downtown to hear. All we wanted to do was let the city of Boise forget the game. Unfortunately, the masses did not respond as we'd hoped. As it turns out, we were just four men in our thirties singing Christmas songs on November 12. Maybe I shouldn't have told this story.

5.) Surviving Christmas should be on television all year long. At least the first half of it. The movie is highly underrated.

6.) There is no snow in Boise yet. While many of you approve of this, I am highly disappointed. I like a good snowstorm now and then. Or at least a little on the ground for Christmas. Call me old fashioned.

7.) Elf is a great movie.

So, it appears that I fell five short of my goal. I hope to be back after the new year with some more blog posts. I'm sure I will have plenty to talk about after LSU and Alabama play the most exciting National Championship Game ever. I predict a final score of 3 to 0 in 6 overtimes.

Once again, Merry Christmas to all and to all...well, get drunk, drink too much egg nog, party with friends and family and have a jolly good time.


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