That Auld Lang Syne


Here's to it.

And all of the uncertainty that lies ahead.

Here's the plan. Follow it if you'd like. They are merely suggestions, not demands. They are simply mantras of life that I have been attempting to follow over the last few months. And I believe most people could find at least one to agree with.

Live like there is no tomorrow.

Find your inner peace.

Embrace love.

Control what you can.

Don't think. Just do.

Dream Big.

Go Big or Go Home.

Don't Forget about Dre

Waste no time.

Acknowledge your thoughts.

Be one with the ball.

Proceed with reckless abandon.

Live in the present.

There are many more, but it could go on forever. Happy New Year to all. Here is to hoping that 2012 is a great one. Best wishes to all.



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