A President's Day Update.

I am watching Band of Brothers for what's probably the tenth time. It was probably a marathon that I could have been watching all day if I'd known it was on. Instead, I was watching the Jersey Shore marathon all day. Those group have kids have really matured over the years. No more silly fights or drunken nights. Oh, wait, just kidding. It's the same drivel now as it was back in Miami. My mistake.

No, I did not really watch Jersey Shore. All day, that is. I gave myself my usual 2 minutes a week and promptly changed the channel. I like to kill my brain cells slowly, over a period of time.

Okay, so now that I have taken care of that little bit of business, let's get on with the show. I am here today to hand out a little update and that is all. I will take time on another day to bring more interesting news of the world, so take solace in that.

I finished the first draft of my new full length play Poison and even had a first reading of it amongst friends about a month ago. Readings are always helpful and I hope to take the feedback and have a second draft finished within the coming weeks. I have let it settle a bit, taken a few weeks off from it, and am now ready to move forward. My hopes that I will have a staged reading of the play in the summer, so stay tuned.

As for my first completed full length, Solace, I am still waiting on a few places to get back to me. I have prepped the play to be sent for publication and I just have finish off a few other requirements before sending out. I am also in search of places to possibly have it produced within the year. There are options out there and it's just a matter of getting the script to those places and talking to them about productions.

That is all I've really worked on. It is a hope that I will be assistant director for a play for Alley Repertory Theater later this spring, so keep an eye out for that. I have loosely started a new full length play as well. The first 10 pages are written, but it is still a concept at a best.

So there you have it. As always, readers, I hope this day finds you in good spirits. Keep up the pursuit and hard work of living your dreams.


"Enjoy what you can and endure what you must."


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