Fifteen Minutes are Over...

In my never ending quest to reach the end of the internet, I stumbled upon an article about the Kim Kardashian "flour bombing" incident. Now, this article can be found on or just go to yahoo. Kim Kardashian is number one on trending and for some odd reason, I think she is on the list every week. Whether it's due to a premiere of a new show, 2 am pictures in bed (in full hair and make up) or her "marriage' to Kris Humphries (still don't know how he's the most hated player in the NBA), she will always be there. It probably doesn't help that she is mentioned by everyone from lowly bloggers (that's me) to notable stars (I'm looking at you, Jon Hamm), but she and the rest of her clan will not go away. I mean, even Lamar Odom is part of it all now. How come he's not one of the most hated players in the NBA?

Anyway, from my original point of the article, I found three phrases particularly interesting. Here they are:

1.) "Kardashian, who refused medical attention..." Really? A bag of flour dumped on her head and shoulders caused medical professionals to rush to her side? Did people on the red carpet try to call an ambulance for the pampered princess? Did the assailant also crack a few eggs on her head and try to bake her at 350 degrees for one hour? I'm not exactly sure where "medical attention" would even come into play. It was a bag of flour and I wish that TMZ would answer some of these pressing questions for me.

2.) "After Kardashian reportedly decided to press charges..." Once again: really? Ms. Kardashian was joking about the entire thing a few minutes after it happened and now she may want to press charges. Was here image ruined because of the flour bombing? Did Ms. Kardashian suffer nights of agonizing pain since it happened? I'm guessing not. I'm not an officer of the law, but it is my guess the assailant will get a fine and some community service. That's if charges are pressed and anyone willingly pursues action. As it were, I'm sure the accused will gladly take a few hours of cleaning up trash along the Ronald Reagan freeway to always have the memory of flour bombing Kim Kardashian.

3.) "I have also been very vocal about anti-bullying so this is a huge disappointment to me," said Khloe Kardashian (in regards to the assailant being affiliated with PETA). What one is she again? The one married to Lamar Odom? I understand the point, I really do, but come on. Who hasn't wanted to flour bomb any one of the Kardashians? (Except Bruce Kard- er Jenner. Bruce Jenner. He is an Olympic hero.)

That is all. This is my "once-a-year" Kradashian post. I got it out of the way a little early this year. By this time next year, I hope E! has turned their channel into a 24/7 all access channel into the Kardashian's life. Then we can watch every single waking moment of the troubled and hard lives they lead. Maybe Joel McHale can narrate.

'Til we meet again.



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