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The next few minutes...

I have a little writer's block. I sit down and have ideas. I look to continue editing and re-writing, but I stumble. I've started a ten minute play that has one half of a page finished. That's right, one half of a page. I have a screenplay whose cursor has not moved in months. What do I do? I perform the classic, "write what's on your mind" page of nonsense to help get the juices flowing. And today, for one time only, I will do that exercise here. (I think it's the only time. Let's hope I didn't do the same thing years ago on this very blog. Then you can call me a liar.) Here we go...

There isn't good rock and roll music anymore. I mean, I enjoy the alt/indie rock that's out today, but it's not rock and roll. At least not in my eyes. Maybe there is a band out there ready to erupt. And that band is my band. Myself and Danny Cerullo formed the band BLACK SKABATTH a few years back and we haven't practiced since. I also am in a two person harmonica band with Leah Reynolds. One day we will have that concert on the Grove. I know it can happen.

This is delicious emergen-C that I'm drinking. It's quite refreshing on this warm April evening. Really wets the pallet. Unfortunately it doesn't help jump start the creative juices. Maybe that whiskey on the counter will help...


(Down in the Valley by Head and the Heart plays in the background while Jason is away from his computer.)

I didn't have any mixers for the whiskey. I briefly thought of pouring it into my glass of Emergen-C, but decided against it. It was a pretty big debate between myself and I. "Do it, Jason. It will taste like an orange creamsicle." "Don't do it, Jason. That's just silly. Remember the Jager and water experiment?" After much debate, I took the whiskey straight, like a man. It was an airplane sized bottle that my friend Carmen picked up in Hawaii. I still have a few left, but if the writing doesn't proceed as planned those may very well be gone by midnight.

Did you know that THE ROCK beat John Cena at WRESTLEMANIA a few weeks ago? I did, because I never gave up on the dream of THE ROCK wrestling John Cena. Okay, I never had that dream, but it was interesting to see THE ROCK in a few episodes leading up to WRESTLEMANIA. That guy is an entertainer.

My cat is pretty lazy. Get a job, cat! She just lays there, her head buried in between her paws. What did she do today? Probably just stared out the window and yet she's tired. I just want to go to sleep as well, cat, but some of us have to try to pursue our dreams. Which, in a way, is what you are currently doing. You win again, cat. You win again.

I miss hiking and the outdoors. I'm making it a goal this summer to spend more time hiking, fishing, and perhaps camping. I really do enjoy the outdoors. I miss those peaceful moments away from the city. The fresh air, the calmness of a nearby lake, and serenity in general. It's been far too long and I've really missed those things over the years.

The thoughts are amped up now. I have one thousand things and ideas running in my head. No, literally one thousand. Here's a sample: Working out, fixing Solace, re-writing Poison, traveling, the nice weather, love, not giving up, tiny ants, working hard, confidence, smiling, attacking each day with enthusiasm and passion, passion in general, some new running shoes, Christmas morning, spring baseball, the smell of spring, whiskey, whiskey, whiskey...

I really got sidetracked there. That's what whiskey does. Kids, don't let whiskey sidetrack you. And that's one to grow on. (Trademark, NBC, I'm sure.)

That was enough for now. Thanks for bearing with me on this side journey into my brain. Tune back in later this week or next for our regularly scheduled program. I do have the motivation to write now. Though it's not for any of the aforementioned projects. I have a short story to write by May 1st and I do believe the words have already started to flow. At least in my head...


"The truth is is, everyone is going to hurt you. You just got to find the ones worth suffering for."- Bob Marley


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