Afternoon (but no delight)

*A quick disclaimer. The following blog will not be about the song "Afternoon Delight" and it will not be about sex in the afternoon (or lack there of). Just letting everyone know before the wacky ideas start flying. This blog just needed a title. Don't judge me.

As we move into the second week of April, I was weighing many topics of which I wanted to write on. Or about. While my mind is constantly producing ideas and a mash up of ridiculous thoughts, for today I settled on doing something I hadn't written about in awhile. Me. More specifically, just a quick update on the writing of which I'm doing and perhaps other things. Mostly the writing.

I have not completed a new full length play over a year. I have re-written my first original screenplay The True Life and have submitted that to a couple of different places. One place actually provided feedback on the script. Though it was rejected, the script has definitely come along over the years and the feedback is always welcome.

I have another screenplay, that after years of only writing it at Christmas time, has finally proceeded into the third act. And for the first time, I have actually been writing it not just at Christmas time. Which means I get to enjoy Christmas music year round. It is oh so close to be finished, finally, and for that I'm proud.

My two full length plays, Poison and Solace, have been submitted to various places across this wondrous United States. Though they are completed, the evolution of a play is always continuing, and I am always working to make the play as complete as possible, in that regard.

I have started a couple of new plays, but they are both in the early stages. I hope to have a first draft of one of them done by the end of May. I have finished a ten minute play, which I hadn't written one in that format since college. It was enlightening, in a way, and actually gave me some new ideas within the writing process.

Since the year, I have really dedicated myself to sitting down and writing anywhere from two to six hours per day. Whether it's working on something or doing free writing, I really find that this process is worth it. Definitely frustrating at times to see the rejection letters pile up, but it's what I signed up for. One isn't something in life with a little bit of struggle. It certainly helps in the creative process. Aside from the last month, when I was assistant director for "The Little Dog Laughed" at Alley Repertory Theater, I have stuck by writing on a daily basis. And that's what make's me happy. So of course, I will continue to pursue the dream of doing it on a full time, paid, basis. And also be writing enough to not have to inundate everyone with these updates more than once year.

Until next time, when I tell you why Johnny Manziel will become the next Ryan Leaf.

"Stay in the moment, focus on one big task at a time, and don't get paralyzed by perfection."