Kick Start This

"Can't wait for the Kickstarter Kickstarter does for itself when it runs out of money."- Josh Belville

Now, I'm not sure the events of which caused Mr. Belville to tweet this quote, but I know when this feeling happened to me. Let me begin by saying that I am not against crowd funding campaigns. It can have very helpful uses, especially when it comes to the Arts. Need help to put on the Art show you've always wanted to do? Done. Need to raise money to buy instruments for a school or youth program to stay subsidized? You bet. Want to donate to help a local theater company continue to produce plays? Yep..

These are just a few examples of what I consider crowd funding can be used for. There are many more out there and I applaud you for that. It has come to a point, though, in which people have become lazy and do not want to do a little work, if any, to earn money. Now, I'm not saying people don't work hard. They may or may not be upholding their end of the bargain. I'm simply looking at it from an outsider's perspective as these crowd funding websites pop up daily. As an example, I use theater. Say there is this workshop you really want to attend that is a six week workshop. Let's say it costs, oh, $2000 to attend said workshop. You don't have that sort of money, but you really want to go. So you apply, get accepted, and then remember "wait, I can't afford that." So what do you do? You start a campaign to raise the money. In your eyes, if all goes according to plan, you're friends, family, and possibly acquaintances will pay for this workshop for you. All you had to do was apply for the workshop.

I understand that the entire point of crowd funding is a way to have an online fundraiser. And yes, there is usually some sort of reward level for people that donate. When it comes to personal stuff like this, I suppose, I just prefer a good old fashioned fundraiser. The cause of me writing this was something I stumbled upon Facebook last week. There, before my very eyes, was a post for In case you were wondering, this site is a crowd funding site to help send couples on their honeymoon. Really people? Have we really come to a point in which couples go and specifically solicit friends and family to pay for their honeymoon? Yes, I understand people need help financially in wedding/honeymoon situations, but at least privately ask for help. Don't go around and publicly ask for money to send you on your dream honeymoon. Or here's another novel idea for you: If you can't afford your dream honeymoon, don't go on one. Isn't the point about being together and having a good time somewhere? You can always put it off and SAVE for that dream honeymoon, like many people used to do.

Point being, it seems a fair amount of people are inexplicably becoming lazier. It seems that they have lost that sense of enjoyment and satisfaction of working hard to achieve something. To me, I get more satisfaction in saving/earning money to achieve said goal on my own. I know much that is accomplished in life is not ever truly on one's own, but at least have the courage to set out on a path to accomplish something. Hard work makes the reward that much sweeter, whether it be a dance workshop or your honeymoon.

I'll get off my soapbox now. Here are five crowd funding campaigns I will soon be starting.

1.) Pay Jason's Rent for Three Months
-This one's pretty simple. You pay my rent for three months, I'll be a lot happier. That's your reward.

2.) Send Jason to Boston for Two Weeks
-This one works in the opposite. The more money I raise, the longer I'll be gone. In which your reward will be your happiness.

3.) Lasik Eye Surgery
-I'm simply selfish on this one. I'm just tired of putting contacts in and don't like glasses.

4.) Buy my Groceries for a Month
-Donate to the cause and I will cook you dinner one night. I'm not a great cook, but decent enough to provide an adequate meal for the night.

5.) Pay off my Car Loan
-Who likes car payments? Not this guy! Donate now and receive a car ride to the destination of your choice. *West Coast Only

Please contact me if you'd like to donate. I look forward to spending your money...I mean bettering my life and my career.

*A postscript to this blog post: As of today, 07/07, a report came out that a kid in Ohio raised over $9000 for a kickstarter campaign to raise money to make a better potato salad.  Granted, he set a goal of $10, but really people?  Even if 9000 only gave one dollar a piece this is a little ridiculous.  Time to start cashing in on this internet craze, I suppose.


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