A Short Play

Last week I was able to spend a few days up in McCall at the Seven Devils Playwrights Conference. The conference is put on by the id Theater company out of New York and runs for two weeks. Now, if I had it my way, I would have been able to spend the full two weeks up there because good stuff is going on. Alas, with a work schedule interfering (for the first week) and monetary/lodging considerations, I was only able to spend part of two days up there. Fingers are crossed for possibly spending the entire two weeks (or even just longer than a few days) in the future.

I went up to attend a workshop simply called INSTAPLAY. I did not contact anyone up there to get more information, but simply went to McCall because the workshop was open to the public for free. I like free so of course I went. I didn't know what this workshop would entail and I certainly hoped it would be worth my time. As it turns it out, it most certainly was. Not only do I feel I came out of the workshop learning something new, but I also was able to meet a few people (and see a few familiar faces). I won't delve into the details of the workshop, but I'll keep it simple and give you the basic outline. After some brief intros, we were told we'd be writing essentially a three act play in a fifteen to twenty minute period. After that, the play would be rehearsed by actors and put on stage within the hour. After some basic instructions (and with no editing), here is what transpired from my mind. Enjoy.


A Park bench. Traffic around the bench is light, save for the occasional jogger/biker.

A: This is nice.
B: Hmm...
A: A perfect sunny day. A little breeze. No worries in the world.
B: Hmm...
A: Is that all you can say? Hmm?
B: Is there much more to say? It's a nice day. There's very little breeze. I agree with everything you said.
A: Okay. Just checking in.
B: Did you brink he camera?
A: Of course.

"A" removes a camera from a backpack. As he does this, a jogger happens by. He stops, looks directly at "B", smiles, and jogs away. "B" smiles back.

A: Did you see something you wanted a picture of?
B: I did. He's gone now.
A: Listen... I wanted to say this now because-well...this is where we first met and all... Just wanted to...

"A" reaches into bag and reveals a small box.

B: Please don't do this...


The jogger from earlier appears. Jogging in place at first, but stopping just before speaking.

C: Oh hey. Didn't see you there. Days like this are perfect for getting a run in. Everything is beautiful in the world, the sun is out, and you can give a fuck about anything else in the world. Why? Well, I'll tell you why good sir. I am in love. Yes, that's right. I will scream it from a mountaintop. I AM IN LOVE. There's nothing that can make a man happier...Except there's one minor detail. She's dating another man. No big deal, right?


A gym. "A" and "C" are on treadmills, looking at a t.v.

C: That's a horrible shot!
(TO "A")
C: This guy is out of control. He should be benched.
A: Sure.

The two continue to work out. "A" continually keeps glancing at "C". "C" finally notices.

C: Something I can help you with?
A: No...I just...You look familiar.

"C" yells at t.v.

C: Stupid! That is not a foul!
A: Listen, I can't help but ask you--

Before "A" finishes, "C" falls off the treadmill. "A" keeps jogging.

A: Oops. Been running long?



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