The Dragon Princess

It all started somewhere around the sixth grade.  That was when I embarked on writing a short story called Journeys and Wars.  I call it a short story now, but at the time I believed I was writing a novel.  A few years later, I decided to write a sequel to this first story.  It was to be called War of the Lands and would, by the end of high school, be a two book series that between both books totaled roughly 100 pages.  Boy, did I sure know a lot about how long a novel should be.  A binder soon began to be filled with maps, re-writes, chapters written on flyers, notes on napkins, and various other ideas from the years after school.  Soon, an actual novel began to take shape.

Nearly twenty years after graduating high school, I have finally decided to self publish what was formerly called War of the Lands.  That book is now called The Dragon Princess and is now closer to a respectable 300 pages long.  Though it still could use the look of a professional editor (thanks to Danny Cerullo for editing the first couple of chapters), I feel the book is at a point to at least be published out there on the internet.  The good thing about self publishing it through Amazon Kindle is that I have the ability to do re-writes and can pull it offline if the book is ever physically published, if that opportunity arises.

The book is available from the Amazon Kindle Store for $2.99 and can be accessed via Kindle Devices. If you don't have a Kindle, you can download the Kindle App for most devices, including the I-Pad and even certain versions of the Nook.  Search for The Dragon Princess in the Kindle store.  A few books with this title will show up but you'll see mine near the top of the list.  At least that's where it was earlier today when I searched for it.  As of now, the book is only available in this format.  No hard copies yet, but of course, that is still the ultimate goal.  If anyone has any comments or questions, feel free to ask here or send me an email at:  Feedback is always appreciated.  Feel free to share this blog post or the Facebook post with friends and family that may like fantasy novels.  The book is appropriate for ages 12 and over.  Without a further adieu, a brief description of The Dragon Princess:

"Centuries have passed since the Druids helped the Council of Races to broker peace amongst the lands.  Fractures have occurred over time, but it was not until the rise of Druid Kayman that this peace finally broke for good.

The Black Magic Druids, as Kayman and his cohorts were called, rose to power and annihilated all but a few of the White Magic Druids.  Druid Kayman disbanded the Council and joined forces with Queen Leron and her minions: the Demons.  In an effort to control the lands, these already mighty forces joined with King Black Thunder, his army, and the creatures that held the key to all the future power of the lands: the Dragons.

To stop the Black Magic Druids and their allies, the fate of the lands rests on an old prophecy dervived from ancient times.  The prophecy tells of a child that has been born of Dragon's blood and there is one man that holds a strong belief in the prophecy: a White Magic Druid by the name of Lemen.  Enlisting the help of Prince Rion, his sister Riyana, and a young Druid called Stelart, Lemen moves to meet the Druid Kayman head on and hopefully end this war once and for all.

Untested in battle and in life, it will be up to this trio of young adults to end the evil that looms and to once again bring peace and safety to all the lands."