The Arrival of Autumn

This post has nothing to do with the arrival of Autumn.  This post has nothing to do with arrival of a lady named Autumn, either.  Though it would be pretty awesome if a magnificent lady named Autumn appeared in a blinding light from the heavens above the city and simply said, "You're welcome".

This is my favorite time of year.  The days are a bit chillier, the nights even cooler, and an occasional rain descends upon us.  I don't know why, but drinking coffee on autumn mornings also brings forth a certain sense of joy not felt in the other times of the year.  Paradise...

I'm simply here today to provide some updates. 

The Dragon Princess, day by day, gains a little traction.  I was able to visit a morning show in Sacramento, called "Sac & Co.", to spend three minutes promoting the book.  The experience was new to me, but also a wonderful opportunity to promote the book and to promote myself.  Plus, I was able to see my dear friends Greg and Missi, who are always a good time.  I've also placed post cards around the city of Boise promoting the book.  These were made with the help of Carmen Galindo, for whom I'm always thankful for her helping hand.  As always, more info on the book can be found here: The Dragon Princess

As of yesterday, I will be writing/contributing one to two articles a week on the website  My first article will be appearing on Thursday, October 2nd.  I am very excited for this opportunity and hopefully it will help me continue to grow as a writer. 

Solace, my second full length play, is currently being looked at by a few theaters across this lovely nation of ours. 

Poison, my first full length, is in the process of minor re-writes, but I still continue to send it out to various theater companies.

I am nearly complete with my third play, The Latitude of Life, and hope to have an informal reading in a few weeks to hear it read out loud for the first time.  Pretty excited about this play so we'll see how much the reading brings me back to earth.

I have also started on a follow up to The Dragon Princess.  Currently I'm about 15,000 words into it so the workings of this novel are still very early.

Thanks to everyone for reading.  I'm now going to go enjoy my third cup of coffee today.  Be well.


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