Lochlyn Munro: An Actor's Spolight

In lieu of today's Oscar nominations, its time to take a look at an under appreciated actor of our time. With a career spanning nearly thirty years, this actor has appeared in both film and television. He has worked with heavyweights such as Will Ferrell, Tom Everett Scott, Anna Farris, Josh Duhamel, and Huey Lewis. This man's name: Lochlyn Munro.

Now, some of you might be staring at this photo thinking, "who the hell is this guy?"  Or maybe you're saying to yourself, "I've seen this guy before but I've never known his name. Thank you Jason."

Munro's career began shortly after an injury derailed his hockey career. Looking for a new outlet, Munro settled on the very stable profession of acting. He soon began working in television, appearing on such shows as 21 Jump Street, Wiseguy, and even an episode of Blossom.

After a decade of steady work, Munro signed onto co-star in a feature film in hopes of transitioning a career in super stardom. In 1998, along with the likes of Tom Everett Scott, Mark Paul Gosselaar, and Poppy Montgomery, Munro starred in Dead Man on Campus.  With such a collection of young talent on board, this movie was destined to be a comedy classic.

It was not. Critics panned the film and success was not to be had. (More on this later).

Though the film was box office poison, Munro's career was not. The same year he acted along Will Ferrell and Chris Kattan in Night at the Roxbury. These two were very hot comedic properties at the time and Munro was able to capitalize upon that.

The Wayans brothers took notice of Munro. He was not only cast in Scary Movie, Munro was brought back years later to play Agent Jake Harper in the movie White Chicks. Thus, his status as a Wayans brother player was cemented.

Munro also returned to television, appearing in seven episodes of Charmed.  He also was lucky enough to act opposite James Caan in an episode of Las Vegas.

In fact, Munro has been a key guest star on many t.v. shows.  The people at CBS love him the most, giving him parts in 2 different CSI spinoffs, NCIS, JAG, Hawaii Five-O, and Without a Trace, to name a few.

Enough about his resume (though I'm sure it helps).  Today, I want to take a look at 5 performances by Lochlyn Munro that have changed acting as we know it.

Mr. Hockey: The Gordie Howe Story (2013)

Mr. Munro was lucky enough to return to the rink for this inspirational story of Gordie Howe. Though Munro did not get to play Howe, he was lucky enough to bring his hockey skills (and acting chops!) to the character of Bobby Hull. Bobby Hull's career spanned almost 25 years. Over his NHL career, Hull had 610 goals and 560 assists. Hull was a two-time winner of the Hart Memorial Trophy and produced offspring that would also play in the NHL.

White Chicks (2004)

Munro gives a nuanced performance as Agent Jake Harper. It can be difficult to act against comedy stalwarts Shawn and Marlon Wayans, but Munro is able to give a commanding performance as a bumbling FBI agent. In fact, it is a performance that would make even Uta Hagen proud.

Sliders (1996)

There's not a lot I can say about this. I'm still speechless that Sliders went off the air. I'm speechless at Munro's one episode performance as Billy the Kid. Speechless.

Duets (2000)

The karaoke movie to end all karaoke movies. Paul Giamatti, Andre Braugher, Maria Bello, and Gwyneth Paltrow all star alongside Munro in this movie. Munro begins the movie with a powerful rendition of Billy Vera's "At this Moment".  The audience of ten people at this showing 15 years ago were silenced and awed at Munro's talent. He could have easily carried this movie as the main character.  Only Braugher is able to match Munro's singing talent and it can be surmised that he simply copied Munro's performance. Then Huey Lewis shows up... Let's just say Munro deserves much more than to lose to a karaoke ringer like Lewis.

Dead Man on Campus (1998)

"My name is Cliff, brother of Joe. I got me some crack. I want me some hoes."

Munro is Cliff, a loose cannon of a frat brother. He is the best and most underrated part of this movie. Manic energy. A delight.  Munro is comic gold, laying waste to all frat boy performances before him. And ruining frat boy performances of the future. Go see this movie. I no longer own a VHS copy, but if I did, I would lend it to you in a heart beat.

Mr. Lochlyn Munro: An acting legend. An icon. A superstar? No. Just a man that shows up and goes to work. With nothing less than ten projects set to be released in 2015, how can you not appreciate that?


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