A Quick Recap of All Things Jason

I'm a liar. I'll announce that right off the bat. This will not involve everything about Jason. The following will only recap the writing aspect of my life. The moral of this story: Don't believe all the headlines you read.

It's been a few months so I'll cut right to the chase. You're welcome.

In early January, I was able to start writing (on a volunteer basis) for a website focusing on the Boston sports scene. Chowder and Champions is the name of the website. You can also like them on Facebook if you'd like to keep up-to-date with your favorite Boston team.

My third full length play, The Latitude of Life, received a reading with HomeGrown Theatre. Very thankful for the opportunity and received some much needed feedback.

Of course, I am still writing with Bronco Nation News. All the football and basketball news that's fit to... well, what we all have time to write. Signing day is fast approaching and the basketball team is on a roll so there's been plenty to write about recently.

"The Dragon Princess" is still being shopped to agents and publishers. It is still available to download. It's also hanging out on Goodreads.com. Go check it out and give it a read today if you haven't already. (Or write a review if you've read it. A good one or bad one. Feedback is appreciated.)

I did finally finish the first draft of a screenplay, Kings without Castles. Took over 10 years, but it finally happened over Christmas.

Other than that, busy submitting short stories and my full length plays, Solace and Poison.

Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy February and hopefully some warmer weather!


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