Jimmy Fallon Does it Again

In his time hosting The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon has found the best way to acquire and entertain viewers is his nostalgia for the 90's. Sure, he has the Lip Sync Battles, Epic Rap Battles, and a few other bits that have piqued my interest. It is his love for Saved by the Bell that keeps me following him on Twitter. A deep, passionate love for Saved by the Bell is probably the only thing Fallon and I have in common. Well, that and we're both handsome. Oh, and that scene in Fever Pitch where Fallon is watching the Buckner video is also a favorite of mine.

Without further adieu:

Video via The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

I, for one, love that so many episodes were crammed into this 8 min video. Not necessarily through dialogue, but also through posters on the wall. "No Hope with Dope" "Save the Max" and a poster for the rafting trip were my favorites.
It made me want to go watch all the episodes. I used to get my fix over at E! during the weekdays. Of course, they decided 4 hours or more a day of Keeping Up with the Kardashians (or a variation of) was much better to air. I guess their target audience doesn't consist of 36 year-old writers who still dream of going to Bayside High.

Hopefully they have seen the error of their ways and return Saved by the Bell to the airwaves immediately.

Oh yeah, five seconds in and this was already better than the movie they made on Lifetime.

Thanks Jimmy. Now, if you can get the original cast of Hang Time back together my life would be complete and I would promise to watch you every night.  For at least a year.


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