Marching on in March

Finding a job.

The battle to find that job that you know will keep you satisfied all while staring at the bank account thinking "maybe I should just apply at Del Taco. They have a 'now hiring' message on their marquee."

Just over nine months ago, I quit my very stable job to concentrate on writing full time. A risky endeavor, yes, but one that needed to be done in order to keep my sanity by perhaps finding a job more closely related to my love of writing.

I have had accomplishments over the last nine months. For that, I am thankful. I only hope to continue to expand on these accomplishments and opportunities I've received.

That bank account, though. That's the glaring harbinger of life that continually follows me around. One needs to have money to survive; to have shelter and food.

That's why the job hunt continues. To find that balance of what I love to do and what I need to do. In time, those things will coincide with one another. That's the ultimate balance I believe all souls are in search of. Maybe not as the primary focus of life, but a focus that leads to being content. A healthy love affair between the career you've chosen and life.

Where it ends, who knows?  That's the half the fun, though, right? Exploring, trying, failing, and hopefully succeeding.

Rejection letters and emails mount. For every ten of those, there is at least one positive in return. My one-act play One Night Stand has been recently selected for publication. Waiting on the finishing touches to announce the publisher, but it is something positive.

My work being presented at the Treefort Music Festival in Boise, Idaho. (7pm on 3/28 and 5 pm on 3/29 at Camp Modern, if you're out and about and want to see some original monologues produced by Alley Repertory Theater and performed by talented local actors). Another positive...

Spray Paint Atlas, a film written and directed by the talented Trevor Campbell, was selected to be part of the Tupelo Film Festival. I say this as more of congratulations to him and the rest of the cast but it is still a positive tangent that provides hope.

Keep the positive. Let the rejections make you stronger.  Continue to write. Continue to submit. Continue to meet new people and have new experiences. That's the beauty of life.

Now, about that bank account...


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